Programs and Services

Programs and services another feature hereon. African Weightloss Forum is all about losing weight the right way which is through the use of healthy food diets and exercising. Over time, through periodic weightloss challenges and direct advice given to members and guests, we strive to show you that your body does not need stagnation. In this way, we introduce weekly diets in order to help you lose weight healthily and stay trim.

This forum’s foremost purpose is to be a source of support and stay as well as strength to any one who wants to embark on weightloss, stay trim, be healthy with like minded people. There is love, friendship and a firm hand as well which only serves to guide and help you achieve your goals. We have a whatsapp support group that is hands on and a 24/7 active place where you will never be lonely. Once you join, you are family and you are definitely achieving your aim and maintaining it.

Further more, we have workout videos of different varieties at very affordable prices. We know what video will work best for you. We are mindful of your health concerns, age and over all constraints whatever they may be and we would walk this journey with  you. WE ARE IN THIS TO WIN IT.

  • Membership is FREE;
  • Creating and updating your Food Diary is FREE;
  • Members are entitled to receive an assessment of their daily logs into their diary ONCE a month.
  • Also coming with the new change is a chat room where we all can gist and gossip and discuss our weaknesses and food strengths.. discuss anything under the moon… That would be the fun part of our forum.. Yippeee!

In order that we may adequately maintain the forum and dispense of our duties, we charge for the following services and we employ you to support us and continue to be a part of this strong family here.

The Prices for our programs are;

    1. 60 Days Weight loss program for love handles, hips, thighs and tummy trimming + daily support , 24 hrs communication & coaching = 15,000 Naira.
    2. 31 Days intense body Weight loss program + support and coaching = 7,000 Naira
    3. 6 Weeks Weight loss Challenge = 4,000 Naira

‎4.Personal consultation consisting of two sessions = 2,000 Naira

For these paid services listed above:

  • Please send an email to OR
  • A text with the word: FORUM to +2348038159818

Thank you for your understanding!