Weight Loss Advice for Diabetics

Weight Loss Advice for Diabetics

Updated on the 3rd of June, 2021

Here are some helpful tips for Diabetic patients who want to lose weight.

  1. Consume lots of vegetables: Green vegetables like our ugwu, Alefo or other green vegetables like lettuce are really good for the body, and they contain very low calories. Diabetics trying to lose weight should consume lots of Veggies.
  2. Consume lots of Fish: fish is good for the body, contains high levels of protein and also give you the full feeling. Avoid frying the fish though, boiling it , or making it into fish pepper soup is a lovely way to have your fish. Diabetics trying to lose weight should eat fish!
  3. Fruits: Diabetics trying to lose weight should already know that fruit is an essential part of their diet. They are nourishing to the body and also contain less calories.
  4. Eat less oils: Palm oil and Groundnut oil…..please try as much as possible to minimise your intake of these. If you must use oils, try out olive oil, and ensure you are not using too much of it.
  5. Beans: I am a beans lover and an advocate. Beans is good for diabetics trying to lose weight. It is filling, has lots of protein, and has lots of fiber also.
  6. Size of food you eat: The fact that a particular food is good doesn’t mean you should go on a binging spree. Watch your food portion, the yardstick is too eat portion sizes equivalent to your fist size, that way you are not overeating. Remember if you take 5000 calories of protein you would still add weight!
  7. Exercise: Very important. Develop a walking plan, or do aerobics or jogging. This would help burn calories and keep you healthier.
  8. Finally: always go for your regular checkup at the doctor’s. If you can afford it, buy your own glucometer to check your sugar levels twice weekly. Be complaint with your drugs, and enjoy a longer lifetime.

We have various weight loss programs available that are suitable for your lifestyle; be it active or sedentary and irrespective of your age. Coaching is online and sustainable. There is 24hr support and a support group, there to inspire, motivate and push you. To register, do call WhatsApp 08038159818. This is a stress free weightloss home.

We also have exercise dvds that are log lasting and would stand the taste of time. original from Beachbody USA. They are affordable and wholesale options are also available. If you also need soft copies of video exercises, you can also have those. Do not miss a workout. You can burn fat from the comfort of your home. To order, call or WhatsApp, 08038159818.

Belly fat burn tea is also available and costs 8000naira for a pack. Distance isn’t a barrier.

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Weight Loss Advice for Diabetics
Weight Loss Advice for Diabetics


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    I am really interested in knowing more about the african mango/ogbono, how it works and how to be taken. I look forward to your reply. Couldnt find it here.

  2. Dear Dr. Trim, really interested in the African Mango/Ogbono, its benefits and how to use it locally. Look forward to your reply in earnest.


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