How much exercise is needed per week?

How much exercise is needed per week?
How much exercise is needed per week?

Updated on the 3rd of June, 2021

Lots of people keep asking this question on our Instagram page: @africanweightloss so, I think you should read this..

Hi everyone, I thought I should do a small write up on how much exercise you need to do to lose weight. Now take for example you want to find out how much exercise you need to do to lose 1kg per week.

Remember that 1 kilogram equals to about 8000 calories. In other words, you need to burn 8000 calories per week (tough!). This translates to about 1200 calories each day.

So here are some examples of exercises that can give you a 1200 calorie burn daily (rough estimates).

  • 80 minutes of cycling per day (at 12 miles per hour)
  • 70 minutes of jogging per day (at 6 miles per hour)
  • 3 hours of walking per day (at 3miles per hour)

Best way to achieve this? Combine a low calorie diet with your exercise, that way, you can thus create a greater deficit.

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  1. Do u meant either or? So if I walk 3 hrs per day doesn’t matter if I do them in bits all day, I’d burn 8k cAls per day? Den hw much cals I gotta eat to keep dat in effect cos 1 bowl of chicken wings Is like 10k cals


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