Getting rid of belly Fat

Getting rid of belly Fat
Getting rid of belly Fat

Updated on the 3rd of June, 2021

Belly fat is quite unhealthy and the American National Institute of Health has reported that waist size over more than 40 in men and 35 in women increases your health risks.

Below are some helpful information on losing belly fat:

  1. Limit your sugar intake. Carbonated soft drinks like coke and 7 up which contain basically just sugar should be avoided. Processed fruit juices should please be avoided. Rather take water instead of your soft drinks. Avoid sweets and chocolates.
  2. Avoid Alcohol also. A gram of alcohol contains 7calories. Remember that in men (and some women) alcohol is known to be the cause of the beer belly!
  3. Your diet is also very important, change your diet, start taking in lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fibre!
  4. Reduce your food portion. I always advice that you take food which is not bigger you’re your fist, it really helps.  .
  5. Of course exercising. Not your usual sit-ups and crunches. All you need to do is at least 30 minutes cardio exercises every day. By cardio I mean jogging, walking, skipping, riding bikes, dancing, skipping, etc.
  6. Sleep well; people who sleep for at least 7-9 hours a day are known to have better weight loss results.
  7. Finally, join our forum on, be a member of our whatsapp support group, get more weight loss advice, keep a log of your food and exercise and please do invite your friends.
  1. One of the most important: Drinks loads of water. Anything from 2 to 5 litres per day. Just keep drinking.

We have various weight loss programs available that are suitable for your lifestyle; be it active or sedentary and irrespective of your age. Coaching is online and sustainable. There is 24hr support and a support group, there to inspire, motivate and push you. To register, do call WhatsApp 08038159818. This is a stress free weightloss home.

We also have exercise dvds that are log lasting and would stand the taste of time. original from Beachbody USA. They are affordable and wholesale options are also available. If you also need soft copies of video exercises, you can also have those. Do not miss a workout. You can burn fat from the comfort of your home. To order, call or WhatsApp, 08038159818.

Belly fat burn tea is also available and costs 8000naira for a pack. Distance isn’t a barrier.

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  1. as a person with disability, what exercise can i do to loose tummy fat. i have a bad right leg due to polio.

  2. I really like and appreciate dis site, I want u to tell me tips on how to reduce my tummy fat ASAP cos my weight loss does not start from the tummy. Pls HELP

  3. are there any other exercises i can do to reduce belly fat apart from sit-ups and crunches? someone told me my belly may hav gotten bigger because i’m not consistent with my sit-ups 🙁

  4. just got to know about this site. its very revealing. my tummy is not really big but when i sit down, it folds which i don’t like. how can i get rid of that?

  5. please i am lactose intolerant and i can eat beans cos it makes me ill. is there any diet i can follow that excludes these items? thanks

  6. Hello everyone,i am so glad to have come across this site….no one can imagine my joy.I hope to work on my weight religiously with this….if some of us use a blackberry,we can add one another and form a group to encourage ourselves…

  7. Thank u very much dr trim! U r so kind, other sites will require u pay a certain amount before info can be given 2 u. I reali appreciate ur efforts, tanx. So the warrior diet works? Plz let me know 2 what extent tanx

  8. wao! i really do appreciate all the info i would like to know how to loose tummy fat. actually my tummy sags and kinds of folds over at the bottom after having two kids any hope? pls reply

  9. hi…am a brown belta in taekwondo, i train on daily i have dese lines on my tummy dat wnt jst go away..pls how do i fix dat?


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