Welcome and Register for the 5weeks FoodExcise Challenge

Welcome and Register for the 5weeks FoodExcise Challenge
5weeks FoodExcise Challenge

Would you lend me your body for 5weeks?

This is for those who havent seen this post.

How would you feel if after 5weeks, you have lost a considerable amount of fat and you have control over how, when and what to eat? Like I said on our Instagram page (@africanweightloss),this is not some simple matter of counting calories or know your macros but understanding your body in order to achieve the results you so desperately need.

In this challenge, you get to achieve results which have been unattainable. The challenge starts as soon as you register, you are admitted into the support group and not only that, you are entitled to a free add-on detox which comes at no extra cost.

finally.. one free workout video will be shared to you via google drive at the end of the program which for us is to encourage you to be fit and healthy.

This program/challenge cost 5000naira only for 5weeks!! along with these freebies.

If you are willing to register send the text ‘ i am interested’ as a text or whatsapp message to 08038159818. Note that this is for challenge that wont eat deep into your pocket and is budget friendly. Lets do this!!!

We have various weight loss programs available that are suitable for your lifestyle; be it active or sedentary and irrespective of your age. Coaching is online and sustainable. There is 24hr support and a support group, there to inspire, motivate and push you. To register, do call WhatsApp 08038159818. This is a stress free weightloss home.

We also have exercise dvds that are log lasting and would stand the taste of time. original from Beachbody USA. They are affordable and wholesale options are also available. If you also need soft copies of video exercises, you can also have those. Do not miss a workout. You can burn fat from the comfort of your home. To order, call or WhatsApp, 08038159818.

Belly fat burn tea is also available and costs 8000naira for a pack. Distance isn’t a barrier.

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