Tips and tricks to help you reduce your calorie intake

Tips and tricks to help you reduce your calorie intake
Tips and tricks to help you reduce your calorie intake
  1.  Eat Slowly: Eating slowly helps reduce your calorie intake. The brain takes approximately twenty minutes to register that your belly is full,. Thus you might end up eating more than you actually need. Eating slowly is a good trick.
  2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables can help you fill up your tummy, making you feel satisfied and thus reducing your intake of your normal oily or fatty foods.
  3. Drink loads of water: Water helps you increase metabolism as well as keeping your tummy fuller so you don’t overeat when you eventually do. A good tip here is taking two cups of water right before you start your meal


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  1. this site is a big blessing to me,just discovered it yesterday,am benefitting immensely already. thanks a lot for this life saving effort


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