Calories in Eko/Pap/Akamu/Ogi

Calories in Ogi/Akamu
Calories in Akamu

Updated on the 11th of May, 2021

Eko/Pap/Akamu/Ogi is a meal made from corn. Eko is the solid form of pap, and is usually eaten with vegetable or stew as desired.

For eko, the calorie content depends on the way it is made and its consistency, thus is difficult to quantify, however, I would give the calorie content of pap, so you can then estimate how much calories is in Eko from there. Since everyone prepares their pap in different consistencies, i would give the estimated calorie content of the raw pap (the thick one that you store in the fridge and take from when you want to cook).

1 tablepoon of raw akamu/Ogi/Pap contains 91 calories of which 99.7% is purely carbohydrate.

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    • Pap is very nutritious. Google it. Very nutritious I say again. For weightloss, eating in moderation is key, as well as reducing processed foods intake.

  1. Pap has a way of hydrating the body now. Breastfeeding mums are encourage to take pap. Abeg I will also continue to take pap and will also loose weight.

  2. I recently got sick and right now everyone says I have lost so much weight. i don’t go out any more because of comments like these. Even my cloths look drabby on me. Will taking pap help me gain weight? And what other meal can I take or what special diet do I need to gain weight fast

    • Dear Weightgainfag,
      There are a whole lot of foods that can make you add weight.. However, pap will not add anything to you.. Unless you take it with a lot of milk and sugar.. But then, for a healthier weight gain you can increase your carbohydrate intake; bread, yam, rice, etc.. Dont let the fact that you’re underweight bother you;You’d add weight in due time…

    • If on just Alamo without much of anything else then yes but with sugar milk and every other food, Akamu is fattening if taken often/regularly


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