Calories in Indomie Noodles

Calories in Indomie Noodles
Calories in Indomie Noodles

Updated on the 29th of April,2021

Indomie instant noodles is a popular food among Nigerians. Indomie contains a LOT of calories. One pack of indomie chicken curry flavor contains 342 calories!!

For we adults, most times we are only satisfied with 2 packs, and we love adding our extras. Of these 342 calories in each pack, 48 percent is carbohydrates. Therefore indomie is a high carb high calorie meal. If you are aiming for weight loss, i would advice you to please stay away from indomie.

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  1. noooooo, i am surprised at this post o…
    you told in a particular post way back, that indomie was good for weight loss so i am surprised that you are now saying it is high in calorie
    pls justify and expantiate…

    • If you are on the warrior diet, you would see more results if you incorporate more proteins and healthier foods into your one meal a day. I would prefer beans or something with higher fiber and protein. You would still see results, but definitely faster results if you are taking something with a higher protein.

  2. hey, l think there’s a better way to prepare indomie which will also help abit..if u wnt to prepare indomie, u cn per- boil it abit to reduce d carb content of it, wen is done dat way makes it lighter n less in carb…

    • There is no way you can prepare a pre-packaged food to reduce its calorie content. If you’re trying to lose weight learn to read food labels.

  3. hey, l think there’s a better way to prepare indomie which will also help abit..if u wnt to prepare indomie, u cn per- boil it abit to reduce d carb content of it, wen is done dat way makes it lighter n less carb…

  4. @estee, warrior diet is when you eat only once in a day and that is dinner. I have tried it and lost about 3 pounds in just 3 days. it is preferable 2 eat dat one meal between 5pm and 7pm.

  5. i seriously need to gain weight, but am having a hard time eating, especially breakfasts and lunch. Could you please help me with sometips on how to gain weight with the litle meal take. Cos myn is a prob

  6. i usually prepare indomie for my kids with lots of diced onions, carrots and green pepper with a tablespoon of veg oil. good, bad, maybe… what do you think?

  7. pls o, does this mean that if take indomie in mornin afternoon n evenin without anything like eggs i wont loose weight

  8. Well I stumbled across this website by chance. I decided to post a comment to help out others. I was reading & noticed that most comments didnot assign grams to the calorie amount. So id say 60g of Indomie chicken curry flavour is around 260 Calories. Another comment id like to add is regarding that warrior diet, it is not a healthy way to lose weight in my opinion, & it is much healthier to lose weight gradually and not so suddenly because if u lose weight very quickly over a short period of time, u are more likely to gain it just as fast, & more than the original weight you had lost. When you starve your body it will start to break down ur stored food, fats and if it cant maintain your basic needs it will actually start to break down ur own body protein meaning your muscles which include your heart etc & that is why ppl who go on low calorie diets may die of sudden cardiac death and many more reasons. In short try to lose weight healthy &gradually. I know that ppl want results asap but trust me on this tyt when it comes to dieting. Thank you for reading hope it helped.

  9. Am a size 10 and am only 20..I love indomie so much really sad to know it has a lot of calories..hopefully I can stop..but has anyone heard of lipton and lime mixture?it helps in loosing weight..another tip is eating before seven..drinking a lot of cold water(because your body works hard to keep warm thereby burning calories),eat a lot of vegetable,also banana is advicable because it keeps you full.Goodluck to us!

  10. Ok. i have been eating Indomie Noodles as a king of light meal at night, cause i stay awake late. So, isnt that right if i take one meal of this Indomie which means 342 Kcal, my body will burn it automatically in Metabolism? Please tell me because if not i will try to quit it.

  11. Gud to know this stuff, cos i’m also trying to lose some weight mainly on my thighs. No more indomie and soft drinks, water is much better. Eating once a day, for warrior diet? Hmm, you could get ulcer.

  12. For warrior dieters,rememba der is sometin called ulcer.I tink eatin jst one mean meal aday wit enough fruit n vegetable in btween is deffinately nt banana,cos it contains starch n sugar

    • all fruits contain carbohydrates, however these are healthy carbs. the key with bananas is moderation as they are high in calorie content

  13. Drinking cold water makes one fat because it solidifies.Hot or warm water is the best because it burns up fat and makes you sweat it out.I have done a one-meal diet a day for 2weeks and i’ve lost about 5 pounds.So it is better to lose weight slowly than quickly because it comes back in most cases.Dat’s why people who go to gyms cannot stop once they start since it burns their fat quickly but with side-effects.


  14. Trimand trndy pls wat if i take six packs of indomie wit fried egg daily will it make me fat an gain weight? Pls elucidate me clearly cos i’m 23 years an am only 70kg an i want look very fat an broader thanks

  15. Does indomie cause cancer?bcos i no of a girl who deid of cancer,piple said the doctor warned her to stop eatin indomie,how true is this?

  16. Okay trimand trendy thanks but i really wanna become fat an broad please tell me wat to do cos i really need to add weight, and pls wats ur facebook username?

  17. I really wanna be fat and i want to gain weight so pls trimand help me wit wat to do so i could add weights add become heavy

  18. I’m fat. My weight is 96 n i’m just 22yrs. I’ve tried a lot of tinz 2 lose weight n even ended up getting ulcer. What can i do 2 lose weight? I walkout by walking, cnt do extreme exercise cos i’m asthamtics.

    • I also have asthma and I discovered exercising makes me feel a whole lot better. Asthma or not, u need to exercise to keep fit and healthy, exercise indoors on colder days and always use ur inhalers b4 u do aerobics and let people Around you know u have a condition so they can also help u.

  19. Pls I would like to knw what is the best swallow to eat with my veg soup now that am trying to lose weight cuz I just realised that even weat flour contains high calories, thanks u re doing a great job!

  20. Indome noodle have vital roll to play in the body but some time cause problem these problem is dysentry

  21. Hmm friends,I have been following all the comments n to me is great.I used to east indomin alot because of the Korean series I have been watching but one day as I Was eating I read the nutritional information on the pack n realize that the sodium content alone is 40% nI went like whaaaaaaat,I lost apptite n since then,I have stayed away from it. Am about to complete the university so I need to do a project work before completing, so am taking up Indomin as ma case study.please people stay away from indomin

  22. If I take 2 slices of bread with 2 eggs fried with a tbsp of oil, a tbsp of milo, no sugar a tbsp of da no slim, how many calories will that be pls?

    • 2 slices of bread 120 calories, 2 eggs, 140 calories, 1 tablespoon of oil 120 calories, 1 tbsp milo, 30 caloriies, 1 tablesppon skimmed milk: 23 calories. total: approx 433

  23. Am 25 yrs old with a baby and am weghing 84, pls how can I reduce to 59 pls. Cause I have tried so many recipes to losen weight all to no avail.

  24. Woah…..found dis helpful but painful….so i ‘ll ve to reduce my 1 carton every two weeks of indomie….it hurts! but thanks anyway

  25. wow, it nice to rlly see the effort pple are putting to lose weight. my kind advice is stop the intake of indomie and do alot of execrise. go to youtube u will see execrise to help reduce tummy fat. i tried it, it rlly working for me from 69kg to 64kg within the space of a month there is no rapid way to lose weight than focus.

  26. laziness has made some pple 2 resolve 2 fast foods.many don’t live long again bcos of dis.i think maintaining a local & natural lifestyle of eatin z d best.
    friends,let’s b careful of fast foods.

  27. I love these noodles, way better and healthier than the better known Maggie ones. You just gotta balance the carbs out with protein. 342 calories is actually not particularly high – it's about the same as a "lean cuisine" or weight watchers frozen dinner. If you add chicken to it (like I do) you boost the protein side and adjust the balance (tho also add calories – just need to factor that in to your daily intake). Also can add egg & veggies of your choice. Great taste & easy quick meal.

  28. Pls I also need ur help, have be mock always because of my,fatness, I am just in 18years, but u wont believe me, people refer to me as mother, I am so ashame of my,self for falling in Pls be,my companion today by helping me. u can also message me through email. Pls dear friends help me, I dont want to cry again, I dont want to develop HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, I am so ashame of my self, pls u can prescribe anything for,me . u can call or through whatsapp.

  29. pls,is Richmond tea(lipton) and osanwewe(I dnt know what it is called in English) good for weight loss? bcox I use to take it everyday,and d more I take it,d more pple complain am pls help me with my weight loss through my email.thanks,I will b glad if u do so

  30. pls I want to know what food to take to burn fat especially my arms coz this is making me ashamed of myself and am shapeless . my fat is at the upper arm. pls I need ur help.thanks.

  31. I eat 3 times a day cus as a student,its kinda hard to practice d eat up to 5 or 6 tyms a day stuff… d morning I either take indomie( two of the small indomitable s pack or)or pap….I always take green tea first thing in d morning…. for lunch…its beans and garri n den dinner is most likely rice or unripe plantains n stew…buh no weight loss….wat do i do…I rili need to loose weight

  32. pls, I don’t have time for outdoor exercise and my work does not permit me even if I want to. And most of the food in Nigeria are high in calories. pls what can I do and what are d type of food to eat in order to loose weight

  33. On the contrary I ate Indomie for 6 straight months and my weight went from 54 to 63. Carbs increase weight while on the other hand proteins reduce weight. You are sort of wrong here.


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