New Workout DVDs available

New Workout Dvds Available
New Workout Dvds Available

Updated on the 28th of April, 2021

We now have New Weight Loss DVDS available. Presently we have various workout dvds, both Hardcopies and softcopies. More Dvds coming from the United States . We would post the different dvds we have in a later post.

10. Jennifer’s West End Westend workout:  This is a dance / aerobic dvd which is suitable for beginners as wellIt has 3 30 minute videos comprising of upper body, core and lower body workout, and then a bonus workout dance session. This is an original copy and costs 3000 naira only.


To place your order please fill the form below and the Sales Person would contact you.

Please call or Whatsapp 08038159818 to place your order for any of our weightloss dvds or to register for any of our weightloss programs


DELIVERY OPTION: Within Lagos costs an extra 1200 naira. However if you are buying more than 5, delivery is free. 

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    • Good morning MusMus, please call my cousin on 08036123710. She has the dvds. she would send them down to you in Abuja.

      Thank you.

  1. hi nice job you’re doing. i’m gping to call for the DVD . i am trying to loose my big belly so please advice on eating plantain flour instead of eba semovita & rice as i think i need carbs . if i dont eat carbs like rice etc i dont feel satisfied even if i eat a lot of veggies i may feel full but not satisfied.

  2. Please, i reside in owerri, and i need the dvd’‎​§, called the number above and it was switched off, is there A̶̲̥̅ particular time am to call or something.
    Thanks for the effort, you are God-sent.

  3. I weigh !00 plus(he shouts) i dont know what to do I ve just two kids I add so much each time i deliver .Rigth now everyone think I cant com down.Pls help me outt.I will call ur cousin as soon as i am thr here I need the cd and anything I just must come dowm all my cloths are no longer my size.pls help

  4. Thumb up for doing a great job. Pls for someone who want to cut down on Tommy fat, which exercise of these exercise DVD would you advise me to go for?
    i earnestly await your response.

  5. Hi, kinda finding it hard to choose. Kindly recommend the one specific for losing post pregnancy weight (mostly the mommy belly) and let me have details on payment and delivery. Thanks.

  6. Pls help me am over 251 lbs , after my second baby I found out dat my weight is 4 much(laugh) pls I real need de DVD workout but I dot no which 1 to buy cos my hips and waistline is 2 much, i need to loss dem as soon as possible Can u tell me de 1 to buy concern my target. Hop to hear 4rm u soonest. Tanx

  7. Is there any chance you’ll be getting Insanity again. I think you used to have it and I missed my chance to get it then. Do you think you’ll be bringing it back?!

    And also what of Turbo Fire?! Please, please, please, if you can get those two, it’ll be much appreciated.

  8. what type of dvd will i buy,i am weighing 90.and i need to come down as soon as possible and how to be gettining food time table every day.i have big tommy wide waist and large arms.i live in port-harcourt.

  9. Hi dr. Trim, i jus joined ur forum 2day nd i must say its d best tin dat hav done 2day. Pls i rly need to loos weight on my tummy, hips nd butt. Wat dvd ll u pls recomend nd hw do i get it. I reside in kebbi state. Tanx 4d gud work nd God bles

  10. Pls could you deliver the dvds online when I pay into your account? I would like to buy Slim in 6 and Leslie Sansonne walk workout dvds. I am at Nsukka and only wonder how the pack could be delivered to me at a reduced delivery cost. Thanks.

  11. Please, I need to lose at least 15kg in a month and a half. I love to dance and need a workout i can stick to. Please can you recommend workout videos that incorporate dance with fast results? Thank you

  12. i’m really increasing everyday.. And i don’t feel happy with the way i am.. Everytime i start an exercise i tend to stop.. Please where can i get the dvd in maraba,nasarawa state.. And which dvd should i get?

  13. I tink it would be very unfair if I don’t let pple knw I ve benefited frm these cds..​*•.¸( *•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*.
    «´¨`°•.◦ †нªηк’s ◦.•°´¨`»
    ¸.•* (¸.•*´♥`*•.,)`*•. ΰ guys rock α̲̅πϑ the service I received was rlly good.


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