Meal timetable -meal plan
Meal plan-meal timetable

Updated on the 26th of April, 2021

The second part of the meal plan is now available:

Trimandtrendy Weight loss plan part two

I have had a lot of requests over the past few weeks for a structured timetable. This timetable is a 2 week weight loss timetable. It is a very good Nigerian Diabetic food timetable

I would be giving a few explanations on various meals, and some lovely recipes that can help in making this timetable cheap and possible in your homes.

Remember 8-12 cups minimum water per day. No alcohol. No fruit juices, No soft drinks

Some Notes on this Nigerian/Diabetic Food  timetable

1. Beans: Your beans….The way we cook beans in Naija usually has lots of oil in it. In making the beans for this food timetable, you should not add more than half a table spoon of palm oil into your beans. Remember that a tablespoon of palmoil is 120 calories of pure fat. To help redden your beans if you so desire, cut in freshly ground tomatoes into the beans.

Meal timetable -meal plan
Meal plan-meal timetable

To see how to make the Pasta with mixed vegetables in a low calorie way, click the link below:

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      • Hi about your post on nuts it isnt true. Nuts are very healthy especially peanuts popularly known as groundnut in nigeria. In fact peanuts shud b taken every day as well as peanut butter as its very filling and dat way it’ll help u reduce your food cravings. But dont 4get it shud be eaten in moderation. If u do not believe me u can always goggle it.

  1. hi trim,
    Never knew nuts had calories not to talk of high calories.
    I take boiled groundnut every day I guess I have to put a stop to this habit.

  2. had earlier left a comment…dnt know if you got it.
    had a baby last July through C/S. actually lost weight after the baby. i started taking some injection contraceptives in October and have been adding weight since then, an average off 2kg every month.

    i joined a gym in march, 2hrs 3times a week but i still added the usual 2kg at the end of the month. I got frustrated and left.

    What can i do about this as nothing seems to be working. my job is a semi-active job but am now 78kg as against 71kg after baby.

  3. Hi, av just joinned dis forum officially, though av come accross d site off and on. Could not view d meal plan part two. Also how can I get d DVD since I live in Abj?

  4. Hello Doc, I have been posting and have never received any replies, I will really appreci*te it if u’ll answer d question in my previous post about the iud contraceptives. Thanks

  5. Am currently 76kg. Wit 4 kids and losings weight has become almost impossible. Anytime I walk out my chances of ulcer cramps increases. Am folowing d weight loss menu yet nothing, what nxt pls

    • If you can join the forum and post your log there it would be easier that way i can see what you are eating and advise


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