Do you Find it difficult to exercise?

Do you Find it difficult to exercise?
Do you Find it difficult to exercise?

Updated on the 26th of April, 2021

Is Exercising Difficult for you?

Generally, I usually advice 30 minutes of daily exercise for beginners, and eventually one-hour minimum afterwards. With our busy schedules, it seems hard to incorporate exercising into our daily activities, especially if you leave home early and get back late. Also, exercising can be hard, difficult and seems like stressful work. The trick to getting the most out of exercising is doing something that you like!!!! For example, if you are one who likes walking then let your exercise walks, that way you won’t get discouraged or bored doing something else. IF you are the party girl, then get a dance workout DVD. If you are a movie freak, then get a treadmill or a stationary bike; put it in the corner of your parlor and work out while watching movies every evening.

Do you Find it difficult to exercise?
Do you Find it difficult to exercise?

For those who work long hours and usually feel tired, you can break your workouts into morning and evening sessions, or better still do them early in the morning so you can get over with it for the day.
Ensure you are doing something you like, for a beginner who doesn’t know much about exercising, starting with the insanity workout dvd (a crazy workout that brings fast results, though extremely hard), or aiming to run vigorously for an hour daily is setting up yourself for failure, because honestly you would give up after two days. If you are exercising for the very first time, you could aim to start with 10 minutes on the first day and gradually increase it after wards as you acclimatize to it.
Also other ways of increasing your exercises for the day involve taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving. Always remember that every calorie counts.
Finally, remember to watch your diet, eating three plates of pounded yam every day and exercising four hours daily would not help you lose weight.

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