Calories in Pounded Yam: The Carbohydrate content.

Calories in Pounded Yam: The Carbohydrate content.
Calories in Pounded Yam: The Carbohydrate content.

Updated on the 21st of April, 2021

Recently some studies have been taking place at the University of Ibadan, on the calorie and carbohydrate contents of some of our Nigerian foods, and i was lucky to get the results. I believe it would be very helpful for us to know this information in order to help us in our weight loss journey.
Today i just thought i would drop some information on Calories of some specific Nigerian foods, using Easier measurements.

Calories in Pounded Yam: The Carbohydrate content.
Calories in Pounded Yam: The Carbohydrate content.

Pounded yam: : This is a Nigerian food made by pounding cooked yam, and then you pick a soup to eat it with.

Pounded yam is so high in Calories, its Scary. A medium slice of yam contains almost 330 calories, but i guess, everyone has a different perception of the word medium. So I would use the dessert spoon measurement.

The Dessert spoon is one which is larger than a teaspoon but smaller than a table spoon.

One dessert spoon of pounded yam contains 10g of carbohydrate, which equals 40 calories from carbohydrates alone. Remember, this is just the carbohydrate count, protein and fat hasnt been added.

It is hard to actually calculate the calorie content of pounded yam, because this depends on how much you are actually eating, but if you can picture your pounded yam being fitted into a cup (our normal milk tin cup), then a cup of pounded yam contains 400 calories. The milk tin cup is really really small.

So if you want to estimate calories in pounded yam, one milk tin cup is 400 calories!!

Hope this helps us all when we make our food choices. Eat healthy always.

In the next few days, i am going to be talking about the carb content of other foods too, in order to give us an idea. This would include jollof rice, tuwo, amala, plantain, potato, millet, beans, palm oil, soy bean oil, fufu, cocoyam and so much more. Please ensure you check back.

For calorie content of Powdered Iyan (ola Ola or yam flour, click here: Calories in pounded yam flour

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  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could help me:
    Do you happen to have the nutritional values for some of our Nigerian meals and soups? e.g Egusi, pounded yam…..

    I mean not just the amount of calories or the percentage of fat e.t.c like you mentioned in this post about the study done in UI about the value in grams per serving of proteins, carbs, fibre e.t.c

    Sorry to be a pain..
    Thank you

  2. hi dear am new here and i like what you guys are doing. pls i like to lose weight too. am 28+ and i weigh 80 and am 6.5ft please can you give me a food plan. thax

    • You are 80, I am assuming 80kg, which is only about 175Ibs and you are 6 feet 5 inches; I would suggest you try not to loose any weight. I believe you are absolutely perfect at that configuration. I would even say you are on the thin side, much less; in need of weight lose.

      Don’t use the West’s weight system O, you would be misled to follow such system. If you are healthy and you eat healthy and are active, you are perfect the way you are.

    • Eat pounded yam. I was shocked to see on the package the calories in iyan, so I Googled and found confirmation on this site. If you cannot find pounded yam, just eat what Americans eat: America has the most obese (and unhealthy) people in the world.

  3. I gues am a wrong person here. No article for weight gain specificaly. Pls wot should I eat to gain weight. Pls kindly reply thru my e-mail addre.


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