The holland And Barret Fat metaboliser


Updated on the 20th of April, 2021

The holland and Barrett  Fat metaboliser is a thermogenic formular that helps you burn fat. You burn this fat with little exercise, but the effects are well prounouced when you combine this with exercise. The fat burner helps you lose weight by the following methods:

1. Reduces your apetite

2. Increases your metabolism at rest

3. Increases your metabolism up to 5 times when you workout.

The package also comes with inbuilt food timetable and food and exercise advice.

The big bottle of 120 tables for 60 days. Normal price: 9000 naira, Current Sale Price: 6000 naira

Extra cost for transportation if delivering within lagos is : 600 naira

To place your order please fill the form below and the Sales Person would contact you.

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or call, 08038159818

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  1. hello, i’m interested in this fat metaboliser. i’ve been told once that my metabolism is slow thats why im not losing weight as much as i wish to. i exercise regularly and also watch my food intake.

    but i’m scared of effects of weight loss pills..i’m still single and dont want anything to hinder my chances of having kids. can u pls enlightem me?

  2. i am interested in d metaboliser but need to know the side effects to using drugs, am single and don’t want anything affecting me conceiving when d time comes

  3. please i’m interested in this fat metaboliser, but i’m scared if it has side effect. Please tell me more about it. Because i’m serously over weight, how can i lose it faster.

  4. Weldone,im gaining over weight so im interesting in dis pill(metabolish) but can u kindly enlite me about d side effect of using dis pill.Bcos im a single dat dnt wnt any thing 2 lead me 2 unbear in future. Thanks expecting ur respond soon next.

    • Side effects are headaches the first two days, after which your body gets acclamatized to it. For the first two days only

    • Ijkoko you are looking at the wrong place. A word of advice, do all the stuffs the big ones are told not to do then you might get fat!

  5.  think  ll like to have dis drug,but please tell me the side effect and contraindtions. Thank you. Moreso,  dnt knw if u can deliver the product outside lagos

  6. hello i want to known if there is any side effect in taken it. actually i weig 72.but my main problem is my tummuy cos i ve a broad shoulder.the tummy came up as a result of delivery graudally it get big.pls where can i get it in abuja.cos i read of the delivery price in lagos is 600 naira.waiting to here from u.

  7. 1. Reading thru the previous comments, i think more questions weren’t answered relating to the effects of this drugs.
    2. What are the side effects?
    3. Where can it be purchased?

    Thank you

    • The only side effect is headache which occurs on the first 2 days due to the high caffeine content.

      For purchases : 08127038617 please text your request to that number.

  8. cani take the fat metabolizer with another slim tablet likeAloe vera? pls reply urgently am about going to purchase it at Azzon med lab

  9. Hi. Sent a message 2 d number but it dnt connect. Tried calling both numbers but they’re switched off. Don’t you have any number that’s open 24.7? Pls I need u 2 get back 2 me. V bn on exercise but am not seeing any effect.I need something to add to it.

  10. please i stay in warri but i need this fat metaboliser. i’m morbidly obese and i just started working out. how do i get it please?

  11. Please where can someone get it in Lagos?? I live at Onitsha but i want to send someone who lives in Lagos to get it for me. Pls reply urgently.

  12. Weldone for d good worK please is it possible to loose weight dietin and skipping like 30minuites everyday,a frnd suggested joggin but I don’t fancy it and also wats 145lbs converted to KG I want to know,thanks


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