Importance of Joining a Gym


Updated on the 20th of April, 2021

Joining a gym is very important for loosing weight. While a lot of us might have treadmills or gym equipments at home, it is definitely not the same thing as joining a gym.

The gyms usually have a gym instructor, who would watch you as you exercise and probably advice you on how to do the exercises rightly, and motivate you when you are doing it lazily.

Secondly, it serves as a form of encouragement as you would watch other members of the gym work out, and also give you advice and tell you their testimonies. That can be very motivating.

Thirdly and most importantly, we tend to value what we pay for. A friend of mine recently lost 48kg, and i asked her how she did it. she said she had joined a gym at lekki, where she was paying 200 thousand naira per year. It was a motivation for her, because anytime she felt too lazy to wake up, but remembered the 200 thousand naira she paid as gym dues, she quickly picked up her bag and went to work out.

So while exercising at home is a good idea, you could also keep the motivation alive by joining a gym. there are several gyms around, the cheapest in Lagos being the National stadium which charges 3000 naira per month.\

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Love y’all.


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  1. I’m not sure I agree with you.

    There is no doubt that going to the gym can help one to lose weight, but ONLY if one actually goes.

    I singed up to the gym for 1 year, and when I did a check of how many time I attended – it was 60 times – that is 5 times per month!!! total weight loss – about 5kg.

    This year I will save my money and focus on exercising at home. I have joined a friend and we shall be working through various exercise DVDs and home fitness routines.

    I’ll let you know how it goes

      • I agree – I was not committed – But if you had asked me, I would have said the gym was not working 🙂

        I’ve set myself a target of 3 times a week minimum. That way I will maximise my “investment”.


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