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Register for the 6weeks Weightloss Challenge

Updated on the 20th of April, 2021


I have received some questions about working out, some people ask if its best to work out in the morning, or if working out in the morning burns more fat than working out at night. Most people prefer to work out in the morning, so they can be done with it and face other things the rest of the day, but some don’t have the time. I would like to remind us that the most important thing in working out is burning energy. So whether you work out in the morning or at night, just make sure YOU WORK OUT. If you can work out both morning and evening, the better for you. If you cant, then pick one of the periods, and make sure you work out. We should try working out thirty minutes a day for beginners and one hour daily for non-beginners. Feel free to increase the workout time! Remember that the more intense your workout is, the more calories you burn!

Another thing i would like to talk about it the kind of exercise we do. You tell me you want to lose 5kg in one month, and all you do for exercise, is moderate thirty minute low intensity walks? Don’t kid yourself! One thing we should know is that exercising at low intensity for long hours, doesn’t equal exercising at high intensity for short periods.

High intensity exercise burns about 600 calories per hour, moderate intensity cardio exercise burns about 350 calories per hour, and low intensity burns 9- calories per hour! My advice is that you make the most of your exercise time! Burn as much fat as you can each time you have the chance to workout.


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    • i like you page very much you guys are really doing a great job please always give more advice on it thank you and God will favour you in all ways in life

      please am not fat but i want to burn more fat in me i don’t want to fat even in future help me what do want me to do to privet it

  1. I've been reading your posts for a while and I must say this: u are great!

    I think I'm gonna try the February challenge. 2hrs in a day it is. I currently do 45-50 minutes in the evening. Let's see if i can start tomorrow.

    Will definitely keep you posted.

  2. this is really intresting stuff but i really wish to burn some fat i am not really fat but i know i have the tendecies too pls help


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