Everyone loves akara. But does it help for weight loss?

Updated 2nd February, 2021


Akara is one of our Naija foods. It is made from beans mainly, then little bit of tomatoes, pepper, onions and other things which you might want to add.Does it help with weightloss?

Everyone loves akara. But does it help for weight loss?

Should you omit akara from our diet when losing weight?

You would find the answer below:

Here is the nutritional information for akara:

Each ball of akara contains approximately 71 calories, but that is if you add just the basic things mentioned above.

Of the 71 calories,

Fat makes up just 11 calories this however depends on how soaked the akara is. some people fry in a way that the akara really soaks in the oil.

Protein makes up 45 calories, which is good for weight loss.

Fiber:10 calories

Sugars: 4 calories


So like i said in the beginning, each ball of akara contains about 71 calories. It is also very high in protein content, high in fiber content though has oils

Therefore, akara is a good meal for those who want to lose weight!

Photo: Sisiyemmie


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  1. Akara is high in fiber content?? interesting… Its just a pity that i dont really like it….i love beans but not when its in the form of moin-moin or akara..

    Anyway, i’ve been doing that stomach exercise that you talked about in one of your past posts and i think its working!!! my lower abdomen hurts me though…

    Later Babes!!

  2. I have to say thank you. Nobody has really tried to break down the nutritional and caloric content of our traditional foods. Please keep up the good work!

    As for akara, I avoid it like the plague. Its just not something I crave. nevertheless, the beans is a great part of a healthy diet. I just think that once the beans is fried in palm kernel oil (which is high in saturated fats), any nutritional value is lost. What do you think? Again, thanks for doing this.

  3. @fashinga, glad its working oh, though your tummy looks pretty flat from this picture!!!

    @ solomonsydelle, no, the nutritional value isnt lost, except you over fry it, plus most people use vegetable oil to fry it, using pal oil certainly adds so much saturated fats into it!

  4. pls tell me about the tommy excercise……many tnx for been able to break down the calories in african recipes.


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