Loose 5kg in November….the challenge!

Loose 5kg in November....the challenge!
Loose 5kg in November....the challenge!

This article was updated on the 17th of December, 2020

Loose 5kg in November


Each month, we are going to set up a challenge within ourselves……with a goal of 5kg per month! slow and steady. Each week i would make a new post where we can all come and rant and write down what we want to write and ask questions. I would make it weekly, so the posts wont be too much. Also, for those of you that purchased the work out dvd, or already have one, we would be doing workouts daily from the dvds.
Loose 5kg in November....the challenge!
Loose 5kg in November….the challenge!
I would encourage all of you to ggogle and read more about the Insanity work out DVD, and read testimonies about it, and please tell me what you think. I would like us to start with the insanity work out DVD for next month, and lets see how it goes.
Also, please do be reminded that we have all types or workout dvds incase you are interested in buying from us. You can either email us at [email protected] or call 08038159818


  1. 5kg in a month is not unhealthy. Depending on your current weight, Your caloric intake and expenditure. I guess she can say up to 5kg, thats 2.5lbs a week (and this is without starving yourself and taking extra orishirishi)…not unhealthy at all. That whole thing of not being able to sustain is a personal trainer's way of keeping you on their payroll. Some lose weight .5lbs at a time and some 2lbs at a time. Depending on the work you put in.

  2. Recommended weight loss is 1lb a week. Research has shown that 80% of weight loss is reduced calorie intake not exercise. So in order to lose 5kg a month, u must be doing something extra. I don't know how sustainable that is, cos even if u can keep up, the weight loss is going to plateau after a while. That's just my understanding of how this works.
    I really don't think the problem for a majority of people is losing the weight. It's keep it off and when u lose so much weight so fast, u tend not to be able to keep it off cos you probably did something drastic to do that. It's all about life style changes. I still think 10lbs a month is too much, but then again i'm not an expert on weight loss. I however worked in an obesity research lab for 3 years. This is just my 2 cents.

  3. I guess your starting weight would determine how much you can expect to lose but I often hear teh experts say 1-2 pounds a week is halthy so thats like 4kg a month, I saw the insanity ad, and I am really really considering it but it looks gruelling!

  4. Hi,
    i am having so much trouble losing weight, i av a reunion with friends in two weeks and i need to lose 8kg, i am a doctor and i know the disadvantages of losing so much weight in a short period but i also know wot to do to minimize the side effects. i weigh 83.5 by the way and i am 1.71m. i will also like to add that a doctor friend recommended chromium picolate, i wld like to know d benefits and disadvantages from ur own point of view. thank u


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