This article was updated on the 5th of December, 2020


Semovita is one of our popular Nigerian swallows. a lot of people love it because its the closest to pounded yam they can get, without having to actually go through the stress of pounding the yam. Today i am going to talk briefly about the Calories in Semovita, so you can adjust and d your calculations when you are planning your meals.


As much as i don’t want to label any food as bad, i would suggest you stay off semovita when you are trying to lose weight.
I don’t know how many cups you use to make yours, but a cup of semovita contains a whooping 600 calories. You haven’t even added the calories you would get from the soup especially with our Nigerian soups that contain lots of palm oil. I would rather you stick to healthier forms of food which are filling and have lesser calories.

semovita-calorie content
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  1. Thank you for posting this.. I just recently had a baby and still trying to loose weight. I had to stop most nigerian meal. Its hard but I love by body more.

  2. pls am also interested in knowing better option. shul one eat eba or pounded yam in place of semovita. thanks for the wonderful job u're doing here.

  3. if semovita contains lot of carlories what about wheat. wheat is normally sold in the market there is the refined one and the other type u can blend yourself. i would like to know which is better and does wheat contain much calories and how much of it should one eat.

  4. why not list all this Nigerian food in a table or kind of chart,with their calorie content including the quantity of protein,carbohydrate and sugar.for easy access.thanks

  5. Wheat flour isn’t even d best. It contains gluten & gluten is not good for weightloss. Also avoid any product dat contains wheat lik wheat bread etc. Its anti-weightloss.

  6. Thanx 4 dis write up. What of wheat? Is it good 4 dose who want 2 loose weight. If yes which type? Is it already made ones in a pack or u buy and grind ur self. Plz i need reply here

  7. Thanks for d info, just processed my wheat to start taking in place of packaged ones and i now bumped into ur page. Talk of angels and d………. Regards pounded plantain how do I make them?

  8. Pls pals, u can browse on implications of eating wheat diet yourself. It’s very detrimental to health both the refined and unrefined.

  9. You people ask too much question, haba! Fast and pray more, break with fruits and vegies and walk more rather than taking bike and you can eat whatever you want in correct proportion. Also love the way you are!

  10. The African diet is full of deadly foods like amala and pap. O terrible. Did u guys know that gari has a short healthy life span and that even though it has expired, it still tastes good but can kill you, maybe not kill u but damge the brain, eyes, organs, etc. Always know where ur palm oil is coming from, best to buy in a village as they are now mixing a tasteless petroleum product into it.


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