Is egusi soup suitable for weightloss

This article was updated on the 4th of December, 2020

Is egusi soup suitable for weightloss


Today, we would analyze egusi soup and its calorie content, and all about egusi soup and weight loss. It has both good and bad sides.The basic Egusi Soup enriched with few chunks of stockfish and two pieces of meat contains a total of roughly 700 calories per serving!!! Imagine eating it with about 3 wraps of iyan which is about 600 calories……….


The largest food group it contains is Fat. Egusi is very high in fat content. It has about 60% fat. Talk less of we Yorubas that love adding lots of palm oil to our egusi soup.  It also has about 11 percent carbohydrate of which 0 percent is fibre which is supposed to be good for weight loss. Proteins make up 30 percent while other elements make up the rest.

But that’s not all, Egusi soup actually has good qualities.

1. The fat in egusi is cholesterol free. Meaning its not damaging to the heart. You may put on pounds when taking lots of egusi, but you wold be sure that its not detrimental to your heart directly.

2.It contains certain nutrients which are good for the skin, good for fertility and reproduction.

So in conclusion, egusi has good properties as a food on its own, but for weight watchers and those on low fat diets, i would suggest you stick more to plain okra soups ad vegetable soups, and limit your egusi intake.

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  1. Lol!!! the way you started your post made me feel like i was in school!! lol…Teacher!!
    I didnt realize Egusi contained that much fat..hmmmm you need to see me eating it..I dont like okra and im not too fond of vegetable soup so i eat lots of egusi soup..

    It helps in fertility and reproduction?? hmmmm….intresting..


  2. l have this challenge, each time my husband touches my thigh, buttocks and stomach they will grow fatter. what should i do. thanks

  3. Why do i always add weight even if i don’t eats for days. Even exercising makes no difference. Wat do i do? Faith A.

    • try doing resistance work outs 3 times a week along side dieting.
      Carbohydrates to be restricted for breakfast only, Lunch should be protein(white meat,eggs can do, fish is great) and vege. the same for dinner. Snack on apples, bananas, plain yogurt and nuts. Remember to take a lot of water. Choose one day for indulging… eat anything that you please

    • By going 4 days without food U av put ur body on starvation mode. Dis means dat U will now hold on to d fat in ur body in order to function. Ur metabolism also shuts down and without metabolism ur body can’t burn fat, hence U can’t lose weight even if U exercise! Immediately U start eating U r bound to binge and stuff urself dat will lead to even more weight gain! So if U wanna lose weight eat very small meals at 3 hours intervals 5x/day. Eat lots of veggies and fruits as snacks in between meal and remove carbs, sugar, sugar based foods and drinks, alcohol and all carbonated drinks from ur diet and U will 5kg in just 5 days! Add exercise and U will lose weight even faster.

  4. How many calories wld be left if the meat n stock fish are off it,i mean how many calories are contained in a servin of just soup (without meat,fish or any thing)?

  5. Fibre is essential n good for weight loss, fibre in ur diet slows movement of food through ur GI aiding proper nutrient absorption and keeps u feeling fuller for long, thereby helping reduce food intake. Furthermore, fibre intake reduces ur risk of colon cancer.

    • Egusi soup is good 4 Atkin’s induction but prepare it yourself so that you can add a lot of Ugu leaves and less egusi. Ugu is very good for burning fat especially in the tummy. But you will have to eat it with fish and preferrably white meat. No eba, no semo, no wheat. A palm size of amala made from grounded unripe plantain is d best. Just eat d soup like that. It will help in accelerating ur weight/fat loss.

  6. Would you write out the Nutritional content (Fat, Carb, Fiber, Protein) in say one cup serving of Egusi soup w/o the meat.

  7. What you people don’t understand is that fat in itself don’t make a person put on weight. What makes people fat is the amount of carbs and refined sugar they consumed. If you should stop eating carbs and refined sugar/sugary foods and drinks and pastries you will lose 5kg from your weight in about 5 days! This is because your body, in order to use energy for your daily activities will turn to the fat in your body. It will burn these fats for energy, hence accelerate fat/weight loss. There is nothing wrong with our egusi soup so long as you eat it witha single wrap of amala made from grounded unripe plantain. Counting calories will only make you miserable in your weight loss efforts and in time will discourage you because you will get fed up eentually.

  8. Hi. I am a nursing mother. My 4months old daughter isn’t gaining weight @all n am so worried. Is there something am not doing right? Am doing exclusive breastfeeding. What food should I be eating n which should I not? Thanks


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