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Dieting is not easy, especially for those who love food and that is what being addicted to food is all about  Starving to death when your mum, wife or you, just made a delicious pot of egusi soup is not easy at all. Sometimes you find yourself busting the diet for that day , gulping down 3 wraps of iyan with a plate of soup, 3round about, 1 torso, 1 turkey…. promising yourself that its just for that day……….but it happens again. You find out that you keep eating extra meals you never planned to eat.

More than 80percent of diets are unsuccessful because of food addiction. The food addiction is a strong desire to eat a particular meal or any meal at all. Some are addicted TO just one kind of food, other love anything food.

Sometimes you are not even that hungry, but because the food is in the pot, you just can’t help it.
Are you addicted to food? read to find out
For some people, its emotional eating. My best friend used to eat a lot of food anytime she argued with her boyfriend.

For me, I eat a lot when am ill. Its scary.
Stress also increases our craving for food, some people get very hungry when under stress.

Another group discover that the moment they start dieting, they suddenly find that they are addicted to food, its like the saying that men want what they can’t get. You long more for food when you know you can’t eat it.
Another group just love food. No reason, they just can’t stay away from food.

Whether you like it or not, the long term consequence of your  addiction to food is being overweight, unless of course you have a superfast metabolism.

Here are some tips to help you stop being addicted to food:
1. Stay away from the kitchen or where ever food is being prepared. The more time you spend with food the more you are tempted to eat more.

2. Define your portions before going to the table, let me explain this. I always tell my brother that he is supposed to eat food equal his fist size since he wants to lose weight. When he is dishing out his meal, he takes a full plate, claiming that when he gets to the table, he would eat only the site recommended and throw the rest away. Trust me, he eats it all.


3. Keep a food diary. This is an important book everyone on a weight loss program must have. You won’t realise how much you are eating until you keep a diary. You can also create on on our forum for free,it will help motivate you

4. Don’t skip your meals, instead, eat small amounts during meal times. Most times when you starve for long and you finally eat, you would end up binge eating because you are so hungry.

5. Drink a lot of water with meals. Helps you feel full faster, and prevents over eating.

6. Avoid being idle. idleness always has a way of making you feel hungry or eating more than you should.. Keep yourself busy.

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  1. lol @ that guy in the picture eating like a starved animal . . . wao! Really, i’m impressed with your theme. Weight loss is definitely necessary for a good number of people in our society today and I hope they find what they need here. . . As for me, I need more weight more than anything. I am 6 ft 2 and pretty lanky (some girls tell me it’s sext though. lol) So any tips on weight gain? I guess I’ll need that. Welcome to blogville.

  2. [email protected] the picture of that dude eating a burger…
    Wordmerchant needs to come and read this post..she’ll learn a thing or two..or three..hehe

    I love coming to your blog cos its always so informative..Teacher!!
    I definitely fall into the group of people who suddenly develop food addiction just when i start dieting..Evrywhere i go, its like food just follows me…especially in America,no matter how far you run, it pursues u..
    I agree with No.4 on your list…abt No.5, didnt our parents teach us not to drink water until after our meal? Hmmm…Teacher!! lol

    Later Babes.

  3. please i fall under like 2 of the categories yyou mentioned.. i am 22 and i already weigh 99kg. how do i prevent overeating when am the only 1 that cooks for my parents. you said to stay put of the kitchen where there is food, i cant because am the cook of the house, they don’t eat healthy and cooking for them twice daily and like 4 times on weekends make me overeat.. please i neeeeed serious help becoz am begining to lose self control.

  4. I av a fractured leg nd av bn grnded 4 clos 2 2yrs now,nd as such av gaind alot of wieght added 2 d 1 i ad b4
    pls i need cirious help cos am weighin 120kg now.
    Av bn followin ur blog nd av learnt alot. Bt d prblm is now dat i can exercise at all. Hw den do i burn dis fat wt dieting alone?

    Urgent response needed.

    • you need to strictly watch your diet, eat clean and you would lose weight, you can also do shadow boxing as your form of workout. it gives a goo cardio burn


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