Exercising and Weight Loss

Exercising and Weight Loss
Exercising and Weight Loss

This article was updated on the 2nd of December, 2020

Exercising and Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight, we all want to go back to our regular sizes after childbirth, but how many of us are ready to work towards it? A lot of people who want lose weight, actually are not exercising, or not exercising enough. Exercise is one of the greatest tools for losing weight. All the celebrities who have great bodies all have fitness trainers. They all work out. Heidi Klum has that great body after three kids cos she worked out like crazy after childbirth!! To lose weight, you need to say no to laziness and start working out.
No need to deceive yourself that you would take the easy way out. The good thing with exercising is that once you start, within a short while, you begin to see results!
Now for those who want to start exercising, i suggest you always start out gradually. There is really no point overdoing it and ending up with sore muscles and groaning in pain all day. Exercising for weight loss is basically in two categories:

1. Cardiovascular Exercises
2. Strength Training.

Cardiovascular Exercise
Cardiovascular fitness basically just refers to the state of your blood vessels and your heart. Apart from the whole weight loss thing, there are so many other benefits of cardio. Cardio helps prevent against stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases. When you do cardio, it increases your heart rate for a period, thus increasing your metabolism, and an increased metabolism translates to burning of fat.
Cardio should be done everyday, for a minimum of thirty minutes. You should not do more than thirty minutes at a stretch as you stand the risk of burning muscle instead of fat. I usually suggest thirty minutes in the morning and thirty in the evening, everyday. For most of us who go to work, that is still no excuse. You could set your alarm to 4 or 5a.m and jog for thirty minutes before taking your bath! If you want to achieve a goal, then you need to make sacrifices.

Exercising and Weight Loss
Exercising and Weight Loss

Some good examples of cardio include:

Playing sport like lawn tennis, basketball etc
To begin exercising successfully, you need to start out slowly. There is no point overdoing it the first week and groaning in pain for the rest of the day. I would suggest you start with walking at first before you start jogging. 30 mins brisk walks are very very good for starters and then with time, you incorporate others. Aerobics is also a very important part. For those who live in Lagos, you could always register with the aerobics team in Stadium at Surulere. They charge just 2000 naira per month, and you get to train four times a week. Trust me, if you partake in this, you must lose weight!

The second part is strength training.
Building muscles is a very important part of losing weight. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. So its really important to build up muscles. When i say build up muscles, i don’t mean building up muscles like the footballers or boxers. Just building up muscles which help you look well tones, and also help you maintain your weight loss.
The commonest weight training exercise is usually lifting weights. Everyone, be it girl boy , man or woman, should get dumbbells. For chics, i usually suggest 5kg or 7.5kg dumbbells. You carry them, and also incorporate them with your exercises. You would be shocked at your weight loss.
For weight training, its important you do it every other day, so you give your body time to recover!
So start out today, most importantly, get an exercise journal. If you can, you can always use the comment form of this post to log in your daily exercise so others can comment and be motivated. Also it helps keep you committed. You would never know until you give it a try!


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  1. pls have u heard about alli its a weight loss stuff. i need to know your opinion on it already i go to the gym and i count calories cos now i have decided not to take in more than i can burn which means i actually consume less and try and burn more but i am still interested in something to help me speed up the eight losss thanks

  2. Am 17yrs old.was 64 two years ago.nw weigh 94kg.terrible.i knw.dis year i decided to start exercising.strted jan1st ans after a week i lost 2kg dwn to 92.i ws skipping 500-750 tyms mornin and night.nw i ve started jogging for 30mins in d mornin and watching wat i eat.pls help me i need motivation pls.waiting for ur reply


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