Losing Weight with Diet pills and Laxatives

    Losing Weight with Diet pills and Laxatives
    Losing Weight with Diet pills and Laxatives

    This article was updated on the 30th of November,2020

    Weightloss with Diet Pills and Laxatives


    I have probably talked a bit in my older posts about diet pills, and I am still going to talk some more.

    The human body usually gains weight when we overeat, stop exercising. The body also loses weight when we are on a proper diet, and very importantly, when we exercise.

    A lot of us in Nigeria have some drawbacks when it comes to this weight loss thing. Firstly our diet is made up of high calorie nutrients, especially the oils, and secondly, the exercising thing is not really popular amongst us. Besides work hours and traffic make it very hard for us to exercise, since u have to get up really early for work, and get home very late due to traffic.
    This factors might lead to us trying to use other means to lose weight, either diet pills, or Laxatives. I get so many emails from people asking questions like; will I lose weight if I take only Laxatives and water? Which Laxatives work fastest?’ can
    I take Laxatives three times a day for one month?

    Looking into the media, so many drugs are advertised, from Hydroxycut to belly fat flush and co.

    While some of these drugs might help you lose weight, most times you gain them back. How many fat people do you know who lost weight with diet pills, and kept the weight off? I always tell people that if diet pills worked, then we won’t have any fat person on the surface of the earth.

    I see many herbal weight loss drugs in the stores every day, but do we actually know what exactly is contained in those pills? I would still site the sample of Hydroxycut which had been greatly advertised, approved by FDA; Infact every copy of Cosmopolitan almost always had a Hydroxycut ad, and now it has been called back, and 23people reported to have come up with liver problems.
    I have already outlined the side effects of diet pills in my other post; I would just highlight some other things you should know.

    Losing Weight with Diet pills and Laxatives
    Losing Weight with Diet pills and Laxatives

    Diet pills finally, don’t do much for you. Have some claim they increase your metabolism. The question is by how much? Take for example a drug increases your metabolism by 2 percent, of which you are not even sure, cos most times there is no proof. The additional two percent is definitely not worth those side effects you get with the drugs. Xenical causes oils to come out from your bum and stain you, Hydroxycut makes you very dizzy and increases your heart rate. Laxatives case severe abdominal pains and make you rush to the toilet many times, and finally, after all this suffering you still gain the weight back.

    Pills are dangerous to your health. Stay away from diet pills and laxatives. Stick to dieting and exercise.


    1. The acai berry thing, i actually have not seen anyone it worked on. the thing about acai berry is that, it augments weight loss,so you still have to be doing your regular dieting and exercising. Taking acai berry alone would do nothing.

      A colleague was able to bring some into Naija early this year, but all the people we sold to, dint bother exercising, and came back complaining.

    2. I have to confess i started my fitness and diet regime this month, i'm ashamed to say i have been mixing it with a diet pill called apple slim. I've lost abt a kilo in the two wks but i'm not sure if its the exercise or the pills. I've been to the gym at least ave of 3ce a wk in d 2wks i've been going and i spend at least 30mins on the treadmill brisk walking and use all the body toning machines, chest, abs, back, shoulder and pectoral. I'm afraid to ditch the pills tho.

    3. I must say I got to dis blog by mistake I was actually looking for a site to get the best weight loss pills but this message really got me thinkin
      Its actually not worth taking d risk am fat I just have to learn to excersie and not look for d easy way out if I truly want to loose weight
      I hope d healthy diet and excersie work for me
      Thanks a lot by the way

    4. Truly desperate situatns require desperate measures, after 1 baby I was still slim but after no2 I was 90kg of pure fat, I hit d gym but had knee & ankle injury cos of my weight, so I started taking Xenical (orlistat) it binds wit d fat u eat & comes out in d toilet as oil. I’ve also used longreen slimming caps (lost 1kg every 4days), also used slimmin belts dat vibrates & heats fat off ur tummy. I’ve had no health probs & right now I’m 77kg (lost 13kg). Continued gyming when my weight came down. I also skip regularly

    5. I’m not fat but I love been slim and lately I noticed I’m adding up weightly seriously especially my tummy, getting to this blog searching for help to satisfy my hunger to go back to my comfortable self… I hope this will be worth it

    6. Your article is insightful. However, not all diet pills and weight loss products have side effects as you have mentioned. Many people have not stopped entering aircraft because they can have accidents. Therefore, these pills will continue to be used regardless of your conclusion.

      This is not to say that dieting and exercises do not work; they work very well. However, if you have weight problems requiring surgery, they will not help you. Diet pills will do a much better job at that level.

    7. hi,have u heard about garcinia cambogia,i hear its a healthy supplement for weight loss,pls do u have any idea where i can get it in nigeria because exercise dosnt seem to work for me.

    8. ‘We’d advise any women thinking of doing this simply not to. Your health is paramount, and a healthy diet coupled with exercise is always the best way to lose weight, not abusing medication or food allergies.’


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