Calories in Gala (UAC)

Calories in Gala (UAC)
Calories in Gala (UAC)

Thia article was updated on the 30th of November, 2020

Gala UAC Snack. Is it Fattening?

As much I love Gala, and my siblings love it too, i think its important you know the amount of Calories contained in Gala.

Calories in Gala (UAC)
Calories in Gala (UAC)

One role of Gala contains just 297kcal. So therefore, when you take gala in between meals, ensure you take a light meal afterwards so you don’t heap up calories into your tummy.

Gala, is it fattening? How many calories does it contain?


  1. Jeez!!! And I used to take 2 galas and la ‘casera drink. Now I knw where d fat is coming from. Tnx a lot 4 dis info no more galas


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