Hoodia for weight loss

Hoodia for weight loss
Hoodia for weight loss

This article was updated on the 23rd of November, 2020

Hoodia for weight loss


hoodia is associated with weight loss. this is what it does

Hoodia is one of the WEIGHT LOSS pills that have been marketed for a while.

It has actually become very popular in the WEIGHT LOSS pill industry. The Bushmen of Kalahari desert had claimed that Hoodia was taken anytime they were on their hunting trips, to diminish hunger and thirst.

There are various types of Hoodia, though only the p57 steroidal glycoside has been identified as the active ingredient. Hoodia gardenia is the only Hoodia that contains this active ingredient.

Hoodia gardenia is sold in different forms, either as capsule, tea or powder form.
The clinical trials done for Hoodia Gordon were done on rats. The rats developed loss of appetite after an injection of Hoodia. However, remember that the rat brain and body mechanism is very different from that of the human!

Hoodia for weight loss
Hoodia for weight loss

There are sooooooo many fake Hoodia in the market. Infact, finding the original may be almost impossible.  Since people realised it was a booming business, everyone began digging up different substances and claiming that it was Hoodia!

I had two people (members of my extended family) who, despite my advice, went abroad to purchase Hoodia gordooni to be sure that they were getting the original ones.

Trust me, they both added weight after a month!  They noticed a slight decrease in their appetite after the first few weeks (which I think was psychological), but later had an increased appetite.
Like I always say, if diet pills worked, there would be no overweight person in the world today

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