The Best Ways to Manage Your Pain without Medicine

Best Ways to Manage Your Pain without Medicine
Best Ways to Manage Your Pain without Medicine


Ways to Manage Your Pain

Most people believe that prescription medicine is the best remedy for overcoming chronic pain. This is a white lie. The drugs that you take when experiencing severe pain actually worsen the situation. Research shows that prolonged use of pain relief medicine such as opioids lowers your sexual performance, puts you at risk of contracting heart disease and lowers your fertility among other side effects. The good news is that there are effective ways of pain management that don’t require you to take any prescription or over the counter medicine. Continue reading below to learn how you can manage pain at home.

  1. Distract yourself from Pain

When you start experiencing severe pain that doesn’t seem to go away despite your numerous efforts, you tend to focus on the pain more than anything else. This actually makes the pain to get worse. Instead of spending the whole day worrying about your situation, you should consider finding an activity that can keep you busy most of the time. When you divert your attention away from the pain, you will definitely feel relieved. The activity doesn’t have to be a vigorous one. Even tending to plants in the garden, reading a novel or just tending to farm animals is enough to keep your brain preoccupied.

  1. Get a Massage

A massage that lasts for at least an hour is highly recommended for managing chronic pain. This is because it helps in activating cells that are dormant. In fact, if the affected area is within reach, you can gently massage yourself. However, oil extracted from either coconut or teatree has to be used during the massage session to avoid irritating the tissues that are already injured. You will actually feel relaxed after the massage session because it helps in calming the nerves that are overstretched.

  1. Interact with Other People Suffering from the Same Problem

You should avoid spending most of your time in isolation. This is because it makes you feel like you are the only person in the world that’s suffering from severe pain. Isolation actually increases the risk of suffering from depression due to deep thoughts. You should therefore mingle with other people in your area that suffer from the same predicament. Fortunately, most areas have support groups for people living with chronic pain. When you join such groups, you will no longer feel alone and you will have more strength to cope with the situation.

  1. Drink Moderately

Some turn into alcoholics when chronic pain comes around. They imagine that alcohol helps them forget about their pain. But it’s only for a short while and they go back to sobriety. The problem with alcohol is that it denies you an opportunity to get quality sleep. This is because you have to go to the bathroom every now and then to urinate. When you wake up in the morning, you feel tired because you were up all night. The resulting tiredness makes the pain worse. If possible, you should quit drinking once and for all or drink moderately.

Best Ways to Manage Your Pain without Medicine
Best Ways to Manage Your Pain without Medicine
  1. Engage in Exercises

Most people will advise you against working out when you have chronic pain and sleep more. Spending more time in bed is actually a recipe for disaster. The endorphins that are produced by the body during workout sessions help in improving your mood. Besides that, the hormones help in preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. And that’s not all. Working out makes your muscles to be more tolerant. This in return reduces the risk of injuring your muscles again. If you feel like the pain is worsening, you should skip exercises for a day. For best results, you should apply cold and hot presses on the affected part of the body after you are done with the workouts.


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