5 Items every fitness buff should own



For all health enthusiasts, fitness comes first. Exercising is essential because it helps you feel good and move around without experiencing pain. Some people think that to explore your love for keeping fit, you need to have a gym subscription – this notion is simply wrong. There are some basic exercises you can do to maintain your fitness using a few primary equipment that won’t even take a lot of space in your garage. In addition, these equipment are very affordable and accessible.

Here are 5 items every fitness buff should own:



  • Medicine ball


Medicine balls are a fabulous way of making your exercises a little bit challenging and also mixing out your workouts a little more. They are fun to use, versatile and also offer a more athletic style. Medicine balls range from four to forty pounds, and the exercises gets harder depending on the size. Soft medicine balls are great – they’re made of durable leather which makes it possible to throw it gently to the wall or tap on the floor while exercising.


  • Jump rope


To get an effective cardiovascular workout, you ought to consider jumping rope. It not only increases your heart rate but also works your shoulders, core, arms and legs, boosting your coordination and endurance levels. It’s a great way to burn calories faster. Jump ropes are tiny and therefore occupy less space so you can carry them around in your bag and use them anywhere. In addition to that, they are easily affordable and also accessible to users.


  • Resistance bands


Another versatile piece of fitness item you should buy is the mini resistance bands. They are particularly suitable for hip and butt exercises. Buy a pack of bands with different resistance levels. This way, you can use the heavier ones for high impact exercises and the lighter ones for smaller workouts. For instance, you could use the heavy ones for your lower body and the lighter bands for exercising your arms. Resistance bands are super small, portable and also very useful.


  • Foam rollers


Foam rolling is a time efficient and very effective way of keeping your body free from injury. It’s certainly an essential addition to the list of items you need to own. Foam rollers are a great way of boosting recovery and keeping your muscles energized and active for when you’re exercising. They also help to increase your hamstring flexibility. If you experience shin splints, they help a lot too. There are a variety of foam roller exercises available in articles and videos that you should check out if you love fitness.


  • Kettlebells


Kettlebells are another great addition that every fitness buff should use. They last long so unless you want a change of weight, you won’t have to worry about getting others once you buy a pair. Kettlebells are now sold at a fair price compared to a while ago when they were a bit expensive. A heavy kettlebell would be great for deadlifts, squats and overhead presses. But again, any weight would still do.

5 Items every fitness buff should own
5 Items every fitness buff should own

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