What You Should Eat Or Drink After Exercise

What You Should Eat Or Drink After Exercise or Working Out

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Maintaining a good healthy and trim body after working out or exercise is the dream of anyone who is into weightloss. This can be done by eating healthily and at the right time. This brings us to — What we should eat or drink after workout or exercising. It is important to replenish yourself with the right meal after working out because the body needs to replenish the energy it has lost and also help the muscle to recover fast from whatever aches and pain you might have sustained during your exercise.

During workout the body takes from the stored nutrients in our muscles known as glycogen which is used for energy. When the muscles are therefore emptied of the glycogen for energy, eating or drinking something that has the combination of protein and carbohydrate about 30mins – 1hr after working out will help to replenish the energy stores, repair build up the muscles that had been overworked during your workout fueling your body metabolism to burn strong.

What Kind of Foods to eat after working out


This brings us to the kind of food we eat or drink after working out.There are certain foods recommended to eat after working out to aid the weight loss process, these food are milk, egg, beans, meat etc,they are good protein source.You also need grains like peanut,cashewnut and so on ,including sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, banana to say but a few. All these are to help speed up the recovery process of the body. Processed food are no go area so try to eat organic food as best as you can.Make sure u try to balance the whole food nutrients— protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat including drinking sufficient water.

All these are nutrients you must ensure that you have a well planned meal which will help to fuel your body mechanism, putting also into account the amount of food consumed and also controlling your calorie intake.If the food you are to take is not available or due to lapses in preparation you are unable to supply all these nutrients, take supplements to compliment the unavailability of what makes up the components of your food requirement.

Is it also wise to eat before working out? You can eat before working out but make wise food choice to avoid eating foods that can make u sick or feel heavy thereby making your working out cumbersome. Even if you have to eat before working out, try to lean more towards taking protein, which is essential for rebuilding your muscles and carbohydrate for restocking glycogen, or your energy stores in your muscle. As earlier stated,it is not good to exercise on an empty stomach.

Another question you might want to ask is how long must you wait to workout after a meal? This has to do with timing and making sure you plan meals that will enable you not to workout immediately after a meal, so you need to stay two – three hrs after a meal so as not to end up feeling sluggish or having abdominal pain making your workout uncomfortable.

Can you also workout after dinner?

Working out at night is not ideal as earlier explained as this would affect the food being assimilated quickly enough that is you need two to three hrs after a meal before working out. Can you also workout after dinner? Working out at night is not ideal as earlier explained as this would affect the food being assimilated rapidly enough since you need two — three hrs after a meal to workout.

Working out immediately after dinner can cause damage to your muscle and reduce the rate of recovery to the body. Altogether it is also not forbidden for you to work out after dinner,a lot of people are really not early risers and would prefer to work out in the evenings because this time of the day might be convenient for them after a hard.day’s work.That time of the evening can also afford you to use the gym with your privacy guaranteed for those of us who do not need a crowded gym,it gives you the privilege of using the various exercise equipment without any hassle. The evening workout provides a calming to your nerves also straightens out your muscles giving you that relaxed feeling that results in a good night rest.

What You Should Eat Or Drink After Exercise
What You Should Eat Or Drink After Exercise

How does it affect Men or Women

To crown it all, does working out affect both men and women the same way after a meal? For men, they burn 8% more if they exercise before a meal while women burn 22% more fat if they exercise after eating.Research sturdy shows that men are muscular so they need carbohydrate to fuel their metabolism while the body of most women are programmed to burn off fat to conserve carbohydrate. Research also showed that we may actually burn more fat through doing more exercise by changing the times we eat either before or after.

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