5 Tips to protecting your hands whilst working out


protecting your hands whilst working out


Working out in a gym is a great idea. However, one needs to protect their hands so that they do not develop callus. It is true that lifting weights can be a good experience and make you fit. However, you need to know that the gym equipment is normally made of materials that can easily make your hands colored and rough. You also want to make sure that your hands do not develop eczema and all the other things that can be a result of the constant contact with the gym equipment. As such, one should buy and use Calisthenics Gloves for better protection.

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In this article, we shall examine some of the things that one can do to protect their hands while they work out in the gym.


Here are 5 tips to protecting your hands whilst working out:


  1. Wearing of gym gloves


This is something that should be obvious to all gym goers. All new gym goers need to invest in a good pair of gym gloves to protect their hands from scars of battle. Gym gloves also improve your grip on the gym equipment. They are not embarrassing and it is something that is common with most gym goers. As such, it will be good for you and a comfortable experience for you to be in gym gloves during your workouts.


  1. Moisturize on a daily basis


This is yet another good way for you to protect your hands from the rigorous gym exercises. Moisturizing the hands on a daily basis is one of the best ways to protect them and have them recover from the rough experiences in gym exercises. With a good moisturizer, you are good to go. You can moisturize your hands twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. This way, your hands stay soft and you will love to shake hands confidently.


  1. Soak your hands on a daily basis


This is a good way to protect your hands if they have already developed calluses and gym hands. This can be done after a workout session. All you have to do is soak your hands, for 15 to 30 minutes on a daily basis. Use warm water with Epsom salts. Using a pumice stone, you can scratch the rough parts of the hands. This gets rid of all the hard parts of the skin that develop due to the friction of the gym equipment and lifting weights.


  1. Do not pick calluses


It is tempting for you to pick calluses that will have developed on the pads of the hands. This can only make things worse. When you pick the dead or the dry skin, you will temporarily get rid of the problem. The skin will grow back and become thicker.

5 Tips to protecting your hands whilst working out
5 Tips to protecting your hands whilst working out

  1. Manage the blisters


It is true that you will develop blister on the hands after gym exercises such as lifting. The right thing to do with a blister is to burst it so that you can reach the underneath skin and treat it. When you get access to the underneath skin that requires attention, you are able to prep it and heal it for the nest gym session.


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