5 Things you should know about edible marijuana before you try it for the first time


5 Things you should know about edible marijuana


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Edible marijuana offers an alternative to people who do not like the vaporized weed. In fact, they are more user-friendly to all people, who wish to get the medicinal and relaxation benefits of Marijuana. Due to the wide range of edibles las vegas dispensaries are keen to ensure that people know the content and possible effects of consuming edible gummies and candies. If you understand a few facts regarding marijuana before you start consuming it, you will avoid any possible side effects. You also need to understand how edibles work so that you know the correct dosage.

Here are 5 things you should know about edible marijuana before you try it for the first time:

  1. Understand the effects

Some people expect to feel the effects of taking edibles immediately. This is not so. It will take about two hours for the marijuana to be metabolized. It has to be metabolized in the liver, unlike its vaporized form which is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. You should know the right dosage to take to avoid overdose. It is also a good idea to note that the effects of edibles may last for a longer time. In some cases, you will feel the effects for up to twelve hours.

  1. Low quantities

When starting to use edibles, it is a good idea to start small. This is mainly because different people react to edibles in a different way. You should, therefore, test the effects in your system with small dosages. You may then increase the dosage with time. Since edibles are slowly absorbed in the system, you should consume low quantities even though they are easier to consume and are tastier. This way, you will not have to deal with possible side effects hours later.

  1. The source

It is important to know the source of your edibles. Ensure that you always consume edibles from reliable suppliers. Various reputable dispensaries stock marijuana. It is a good idea to consume edibles from such facilities. This way, you are sure that the content and list of ingredients on the gummies is as per the specifications. Read reviews online and look for sites that offer such products online. They have insights on how you can get genuine edibles that have not been laced with chemicals.

  1. Choose the edibles wisely

Basically, there are two types of marijuana edibles. The foodies that are metabolized in the liver and products such as sweets that are absorbed in the body through saliva. Though the latter works fast, the effects do not last for long. Again, you may find it hard to consume it in social places such as parties since people usually think sweets and candies are for kids.


5 Things you should know about edible marijuana before you try it for the first time
5 Things you should know about edible marijuana before you try it for the first time

  1. Store out of reach of children

Marijuana has no known fatal side effects. But due to the design of edibles, kids might consume the products unknowingly. In some countries, there are regulations prohibiting kids from consuming cannabis. It is a good idea to keep the gummies away from kids since an overdose of the same may cause undesirable side effects.

With these few tips in mind, you can now enjoy your edibles preferably at a safe space especially if you are trying them out for the first time. Remember to also get quality edibles from reliable suppliers.


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