The top 4 things you should know about pregnancy


Wine During Pregnancy


Are you expecting a baby for the first time? Congratulations! You probably have so many questions in your head. After all, women have different experiences when it comes to pregnancy. The next few months, you will be busy planning for your baby’s arrival. It’s a lovely and exciting time, but there are also a few hurdles along the way. This is why you should know how to navigate through all the experiences that lie ahead. There’s a lot you should know so you will be ready.


Here are the top 4 things you should know about pregnancy.


  1.    You will experience cramps and that is normal.


It can be quite alarming for you at the start but any cramps that you experience during pregnancy is completely normal and it is not something you need to worry about unless you see that it is accompanied with blood. It may be an annoying first sign of pregnancy. But all this is because the ligaments that hold your uterus is stretching. It may still worry you at first so you may want to discuss it with your doctor but it is totally normal.


  1.    You may or may not experience morning sickness.


When someone is pregnant, it is normal that we expect they would feel any queasiness and nausea. But this is not the case for all women. According to some studies, about 10% of the time, some women don’t experience morning sickness when they are pregnant. This means that there is a big chance that you may or may not experience it on your own. For this reason, it is not something you should worry about considering that all women go through different experiences. The important thing is that you remain healthy.


  1.    You need to be mindful of what you eat and drink.


It is apparent that you are going to need to be careful of what you drink and eat when you are pregnant. After all, you are not just eating for yourself. Another life is depending on you too. Anything that can particularly cause harm to the baby should be avoided. Moreover, alcohol consumption also needs to be considered such as consuming wine. While there are studies that show that wine during pregnancy is not really harming, the only thing you should keep in mind is that what you eat or drink will go to your baby as well.


  1.    You will feel tired all the time.
The top 4 things you should know about pregnancy
The top 4 things you should know about pregnancy

Carrying a breathing and living being in your own body can be quite exhausting. It will drain most of your energy so you will most likely feel tired all the time. Your hormones and your body are going through a lot of changes. This most especially happens during the first trimester of your pregnancy. So by this time, you need to make sure that is getting a lot of rest and naps. Every night, you should have enough sleep so you will be refreshed the next day and not feel drained.


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