12 Products Helping to Lose Weight

By Meliza Marsett

Products Helping to Lose Weight


More often than not, people tend to lose weight. What is interesting, no one wants to keep crash diets and starve oneself to death. As a matter of interest, are there such products, which help to lose weight? This is what the following article is all about.

Let us divide all the food products into two groups. The products, which belong to the first group, are energetic stimulators toning up a body; those, which makes tissues repair and grow, belong to the second group. The first group makes a loss weight while the second one, on the contrary, makes gaining weight.
However, if you have decided to change your food ratio, transient downward weight is inappropriate. There are plenty fad diets at the present time promising super-fast weight loss for record-breaking short time. Do not embark upon this path.

Do not exclude fats out of your food ratio. To limit consumption is possible and required though. In order to lose weight, a total fat consumption should not exceed 40-50 g a day and their proportion of all the calorific capacity no more than 30%.

The following products contain the biggest amount of fats:
– margarine and butter;
– mayonnaise, sauce and gravy;
– cream, sour-cream, curds, junkets;
– fatty meat especially pork, fatty fish, fatty poultry, cavier;
– bacon, ham, smoke products;
– canned goods especially in oil;
– confectionery with crème, ice-cream.

If to speak about products, which makes you eat less, water is in the first place. Clean water is the basis of all the existing diets as long as fluid maintenance is highly important at weight loss and weight control. Mineral still water is good for digestion. Have a glass of it before having a meal to satisfy hunger. Do not drink right after eating though.

Proteins do not make skin, hair and nails look better only but also help to lose weight. Fish, white meat, eggs and other protein products are very copious. In accordance with a statistics, people`s ration keeping a protein diet, decreases by a mean of 10%. But the main thing is that protein promotes calorie burning. Therefore, there is a triple benefit from products with lots of protein and few carbohydrates: they help to look good, to get full fast and not to gain weight.

Vitamin C is irreplaceable for those who caught cold but very few know that it is also helpful for those who are eager to loss some weight. Thus, in accordance with Canadian studies, antiscorbutic vitamin deficiency (let alone magnesium, zinc and other microelements) leads to accumulating and adipopexia.
Honey has bacteria killing, antivirus and antifungal properties, let alone promotes good health. Those are not all the useful functions though. It is proved that honey being a natural sugar substitute helps to normalize blood sugar level and weight reduction.

Cacao. The following news are going to please a sweet tooth: accordingly to David L.Katz`s the recent holder of post-doctoral degree in medicine studies, head of research center at Medical school of Yale University, cacao protects skin from ultra violet influence, strengthens nervous system, enhance mood (the pressure is on!) promotes fast getting full.

Vinegar. Do not say feh! Research works prove that vinegar has so called glycemic effect, which is that after its consumption, blood sugar level remains in the normal condition. This, in its turn, makes it to where you get full faster and the portions you consume get smaller.

Fibre. Have you ever had a thought why it is recommended to start with a salad? It is all about vegetables. Carrot, tomato and other vegetables let alone greens are fibrous, which if not digested but appease hunger well. Thus, helping oneself to a vegetable salad, flavoured, for example, with apple vinegar, you will have eaten less during a meal.

Coconut oil. Saturated fat should compose no more than 10% from the total number of daily-consumed calories. Nevertheless, she recommends using coconut oil as long as it promotes increasing of «good» lipoproteins of high density and decreasing of «bad» lipoproteins of low density. Therefore, cholesterol level normalizes and weight loss happens.

Eicosanoic acids. Numerous fatty acids promote lipolytic digestion, which is why people who eat nuts, olives and avocado on a regular basis, as a rule, are in shape. There are many polyunsaturated fatty acids in such products as fish, certain kinds of nuts and seeds of some plants. Omega 3 has antiphlogistic effect, prevents of obesity and enhance mood.

Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a substance some plants produce as a protective response from parasites. Grapes skin, cacao (once again!), peanut and red wine contain this substance. Resveratrol has neuroprotective, antiphlogistic, antidiabetic, antivirus and other useful actions let alone prevents of adipopexia. So a glass of red wine during a meal is not harmful only but also very useful.

Calcium is useful for bones, also helps to control hunger, studies showed that people with calcium deficiency are prone to obesity in most cases because they are unable to control their appetite.

Dairy products. Milk surely contains more calcium than any other product but that is not the only useful property of milky products. It was found that a glass of skim milk after training promotes fat burning and muscle mass growth.

Quinoa, reffered to in the vernacular as arache is an old wild straw crops, protein-, amino acids-, phytostearin and vitamin E enriched. Besides that, in accordance with the latest studies, arache is an edible fats inhibidor promoting decreasing of body mass and descrease of appetite. So, arache cereal is a great diet course.

Some products activate metabolism indeed. It makes it to where fats burn. Include it into food ration but within due limits. Remember that your body needs proteins, carbohydrates and “right” fats.
There are vegetables with negative calories, processing of which takes more calories than they contain are necessary to consume for those who want to become good-looking. Among which are artichoke, mangold, cauliflower, green sweet pepper, broccoli, small radish, green pea, black radish, savoy cabbage, red beet, cucumbers, carrot, celery, asparagus, turnip-rooted cabbage, spinach, butter-head lettuce, watercress, zucchini, and dandelions.

Pineapple is probably the best-known fat fighter. At some point, it was chosen to be a panacea and an integral component of different diets.

Citrus. Grapefruit, pamela, orange, mandarin. Citrus lowers the level of insulin and this, in its turn, makes you feel not that hungry, strengths immunity and makes toxin free.

Green tea. Makes one`s body toxin free and is very good for metabolism. Having 5 cups of green tea a day, you lose 70-80 calories.

Soy. It is a calcium intake and a great alternative for those who do not like dairy products.
Nuts. This is a good intake of good fats, dietary fibre and proteins. You can add them to a salad, with fruits or put in your cereal.

12 Products Helping to Lose Weight
12 Products Helping to Lose Weight

Olives and oil made of them are perfect diet products. Having a spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning or 10-12 olives, one will be able to control one`s weight without gaining some extra pounds.
Keep in mind, that lack of calories in the food ratio, leads to dysmetabolism. A required minimum is 1200-1700 calories a day. Otherwise, your body will automatically go to hunger mode making the process of fat burning and digestion slower. Even after return back to normal diet, it accumulates fats as a mark of protest in case of possible hunger.

You can fat burn only due to breaks between energy expenditure and energy entries, which is why do not even think of weight loss consuming lots of pineapples. It is impossible without physical exercises.
If you have decided on losing weight, avoid processed products containing fats and salt. Consumption of products itself, which went through a minimum cultivation, for example, simple nuts or 100% whole-wheat bread instead of white bread will help you to lose weight.

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