4 Resources to Keep On Hand for Joint Pain Help



When you suffer from chronic joint pain that is caused by either an injury or arthritis, you must learn how to manage the condition so that you can carry on with your life as usual. This is because there is no cure for joint pain on the planet. That’s why you need resources that you can lean on when the pain becomes persistent. Most people would advise you to seek medical attention whenever your joints ache or get swollen. However, going to see a doctor every now and then is even more stressful. When you have the necessary resources, you will be able to keep the pain at bay wherever you are, any time. Below is a compilation of the resources that are crucial in managing joint pain without being assisted by a caregiver.

  1. Self Massage

It’s possible to massage yourself without being assisted by a therapist. When the pain in your joints becomes chronic, paying a massage therapist can give you a run for your money. This is because professional therapists charge you on hourly basis. By massaging yourself, you can save the money for other uses. Since most joint pains affect either the knees, elbows, fingers or wrists, you can massage yourself gently until the pain subsides. You can also wear special bracelets that help in relieving the pain in the joints. There are also special chairs that are fitted with a vibrating back that’s reserved for your spine and shoulders. Although such a chair is initially expensive, you buy it once and for all.

  1. Hand and Leg Exercisers

There are hand exercisers that are made from latex that can be used to relieve the pain in your fingers. They are actually designed into flexible balls that can be pressed with one hand. The good thing about these exercises is that they can be used in hot and cold therapy. You simply dip the balls into a hot water bath and then hold them in your hands. A gym bike is all you need to exercise your legs. You just sit on the bike and pedal at your own pace until the pain goes away on its own. Pedaling on a gym bike actually helps in stretching the muscles in your legs.

  1. Pain Relief Ointment

Applying an ointment can help in remedying swollen joints. In fact, you should use an ointment that contains menthol as an active ingredient because it works by preventing the nerves of the affected joint from sending pain signals to the brain. Such an ointment comes in handy when you are not able to get some sleep due to severe pain in the joints. The good thing is that you can buy over the counter ointments online or offline.

4 Resources to Keep On Hand for Joint Pain Help
4 Resources to Keep On Hand for Joint Pain Help
  1. Herbal Supplements

While eating well can help in keeping joint pain at bay, most people tend to eat processed food  more than they do whole foods. This makes it difficult to nourish the body with essential nutrients that can help it cope with joint pain. That’s why it’s advisable you take herbal supplements to compensate for the deficiency in certain nutrients.

The good thing about these supplements is that they contain nutrients and minerals that have been extracted from natural sources and then made into capsules and tablets that can be swallowed.  Some of the nutrients that are found in these supplements include unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and vitamins. But since the market is flooded by many supplements, it’s advisable you only those that have been reviewed by authoritative sites such as Joint Health Guide.

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