4 Helpful Uses For Tegaderm Film



The Tegaderm film is a medical and breathable dressing manufactured by 3M. This transparent film is impermeable, yet waterproof, making it the most trusted medical dressing on the market today.  Tegaderm film has many advantages and can be easily used at home or in the hospital.

Here are 4 helpful uses for 3M Tegaderm film.

  1. Protects Catheter Sites And Wounds

3M Tegaderm transparent dressing is the perfect cover for catheter sites and wounds. Tegaderm can stay on the skin for up to 7 seven days without causing skin trauma or irritation. The easy and accurate placement minimizes contamination from bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold.

You can use Tegaderm film to protect IV catheter sites from outside contamination. The breathability of this dressing allows good moisture vapor and oxygen exchange and this facilitates faster healing of wounds.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before changing any dressing. Ensure that the wound is clean and dry before dressing it. It is always advisable to leave at least 5 cm around borders for the Tegaderm to stick properly.

  1. Safely Secures Devices To The Skin

3M Tegaderm dressings can be used to secure lightweight tubes and devices such as umbilical catheters, implanted ports, insulin catheters, and feeding tubes. The transparent dressing makes the insertion site visible thus; any leakage can be noticed immediately. Tegaderm is made from a hypoallergenic and latex free adhesive which is great for fragile or aging skin.

  1. It’s A Protective Eye Covering

Tegaderm can be used to patch the eyes during and after eye surgery. For children especially, securing a postoperative eye dressing can seem like a daunting task. Most children will frequently try to remove any dressing that covers their eyes or face. A dressing with loose ends can easily get dislodged in the eye.

3M Tegaderm dressings are clinically proven protective eye coverings. Compared to the traditional eye patch that uses tape or string to secure it around the face, Tegaderm is more hygienic, will keep your eye free from infection and you can walk without fear of the patch falling off.

Helpful Uses of tegaderm film- Africanweightloss
Helpful Uses of tegaderm film- Africanweightloss

  1. Tegaderm Film For Tattoo Aftercare

A professionally done tattoo is an amazing work of art. Most people use their tattoos to express their personalities or to honor someone. However, if your tattoo does not heal well or gets infected, the results can be disastrous. Septic shock contracted from bacteria can lead to death.  This is why tattoo aftercare is very important. Many professional artists recommend using Tegaderm for tattoo aftercare. Once your tattoo is well cleaned and moisturized, gently bandage the tattoo ensuring that it is fully covered. Do not leave any part exposed as you could get infected.

Tegaderm is waterproof and this means that you can easily shower without the dressing coming out loose. Avoid soaking, swimming, sun tanning and any other activity that could irritate your tattooed skin until you are sure that you are completely healed.


There you have it. 4 amazing uses for Tegaderm film; are you looking to buy tegaderm film dressing at a discount? Go to saveritemedical.com and make your purchase.



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