How Greek Yogurt and Granola Helps you Lose Weight

Greek Yogurt and Granola Helps you Lose Weight


We have discussed this topic of greek yogurt and granola known as ‘parfait‘  a while back but I do not think that I was exhaustive as I ought to have been.

Losing weight is no mean feat. It is even worse in Africa and Nigeria to be precise. Therefore, it is important that we do whatsoever that is healthy to lose weight if that is your candid wish.

In so doing, we must take a critical look at our diet which is where the issue of scrutinizing our food in Nigeria. Most of our foods are saturated with carbohydrates and fat and even more so when we mix what we need with a lot of sweets and artificial preservatives.

Eating right is what we all need to imbibe to get in order to achieve our desired weight . To do so, we must make a conscious effort in a bit to achieve our aim and go in search  of those kind of food.

Lets talk about Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product. Yogurt is a by product of whole milk gotten from a kind of bacteria called yogurt which converts the milk sugar ie the lactose in to lactic acid thereby thickening (curdles) and giving it that tangy taste we taste in yogurt drinks.

In all though, what kind of yogurt is ideal for weightloss? Are all types of yogurt suitable for weightloss? Definitely a huge NO. The ideal yogurt for weightloss is the unsweetened yogurt otherwise know as the Greek Yogurt which is  tasking to the palate but is absolutely the best kind that we need.

Plain unsweetened greek yogurt is totally the best it contains little or no sugar at all. It also has huge health benefits and nutritional content such as:

-Calcium which is good for the teeth and bones;

-B.Vit and riboflavin which protects the heart against heart diseases

-Other minerals like phosphorus, magnesium as well as potassium which regulates the blood pressure.

We can safely say that greek plain yogurt is gotten from skimmed, it is therefore considered to be fat free, high in protein which aids in body building as well as providing the body with energy without worry for calories all day.

Having this much protein in plain unsweetened greek yogurt controls and regulates one’s appetite and cravings as its function is to increases the production of some hormones that creates or indicates the feeling of fullness.

Snacking up on greek plain unsweetened yogurt controls the amount of calories one takes as this reduces hunger pangs.  Greek yogurt is ideal yogurt that give fullness as it is think and strained and ensures a good and controlled manner of eating.

How to lose weight with greek yogurt and granola- Africanweightloss
How to lose weight with greek yogurt and granola- Africanweightloss

About Granola and Greek Yogurt

Granola in literal terms means small grains or particles . In terms of nut, we mean cashew, walnut,almonds,peanuts all of which contain healthy fats, fiber , protein and anti oxidants what aid the immune system, good for brain functions and basically prevents us from adding lots of pounds just from merely consuming them. This in turn aids weightloss.

Daily consumption of greek yogurt and granola  known as ‘Parfait’is a perfect food choice or snack which is effective during meal planning or meal prep for the week in order to maintain or aid weightloss as well as beneficial to the body in total.


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