Sign Up: July 2018 6Weeks Healthy and Toned Weightloss Challenge

Hello Everybody
Africanweightloss is here with a new challenge.
Let’s state that its as easy and simple as it is… Dedicate 45days of your life to losing weight the healthy way and getting toned.
This challenge is guaranteed to get you that weightloss you need.
Sometimes we lose the drive, inspiration; well you will get it on this challenge.

Most times the methods we previously used to lose weight have stopped working on our bodies… Don’t worry, you will get it back here.
Are you ready?
Let’s do this..
The healthy and toned weightloss challenge is set to begin on the 4th of July (Wednesday), 2018 and end on the 18th of August 2018.
I will be at your beck and call for this duration 24hrs/7days  and all for just 4,000naira ONLY

The basis upon which this forum and therefore AFRICANWEIGHTLOSS is found is having your personal space which is your diary (FOR FREE) and getting constant and daily support and inspiration from like minded people and ME. Support is perhaps the most important during weight loss; it comes in different ways and means.
Weightloss is NOT easy, that is why, you need to be inspired and be never short of a weightloss mate/partner/friend.
Which is basically the essence of every challenge we embark upon on the forum
When you lose weight with like minded people,  it becomes easier.
I encourage you not to miss this chance to lose weight with love.
You also need to have a food diary. This would help others who are seeing your results as most of them would want to know what you are eating and what workouts you were doing. If you don’t have a diary then it might be difficult to coach you as i would look over the diaries daily and give input. Also, you would be a part of the Whatsapp support group and I assure you, theres no dull moment there… Everyone is on a Weightloss Journey there..
When you weigh in on the challenge page, it should be done as indicated below:

Starting weight : XKg
1st week :XKg
2nd week :Xkg
3rd week:Xkg
4th week: Xkg
5th week: Xkg
6th week: Xkg
Total loss for the Duration of the contest:Xkg

Sign Up: July 2018 6Weeks Healthy and Toned Weightloss Challenge
Sign Up: July 2018 6Weeks Healthy and Toned Weightloss Challenge

Please if you join this challenge try to take it seriously.Sometimes, a lot of people have registered for the challenge and even paid but dont end up completing it.I know that wasnt the intention when they started out..Please keep the faith and stay true to your decision to lose weight. The truth is if you make the challenge into a habit, you MUST lose weight.

To join, Click on this link:;topicseen#msg47812

For those asking how to create a food diary, please click the link below:
then click on new topic and start your diary. at the end of the day just come and write in what you ate all day, if you worked out etc. also you can look through other diaries for inspiration. If you notice a particular person is doing well with her weight, then you look through her diary to see what she is eating or how she works out.

Avail yourself of this opportunity and walk this journey with me. It promises to be a most memorable one.
-Indicate your interest by commenting , and stating your interest and starting weight,
-Text ‘Forum’ to 08038159818 or send an email to with the word ‘ Forum’
– This 6weeks  costs 4,000naira ONLY.
-The goal is 10-12kg .
-After payment, you will also be admitted into the Whatsapp Support group where you will meet everyone you think you are not seeing on the forum.  YES. that is where we are all chilling ;D ;D ;)
Let this walk begin.

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