Every Other Day Diet: Understanding, Applying and Abducting this way of Dieting

Every Other Day Diet

The Every other day diet is relatively new in the diet/weightloss world. Created by Dr. Varady, it is said be a follow-up of the Fast diet otherwise known as the Intermittent fast. Proponents of this way of eating scream to the high heavens that it works without fail. It is a refined way of fasting which entails eating any food you want and taking any drink without restriction, limitation or any adverse way of eliminating any anxieties about the amount of calories you consume in that one ‘feast day’, and then the next day, known as the ‘Diet day’ eating within the limits of 500 calories. The joy behind this diet is there are no calorie counting, no diet restrictions of carbs, protein, fat etc. Of course, you will not be bothering your head about meal preps.

Quite easy right?

It is guaranteed by people who have used it that The Every other Day Diet works and would in weeks to come after following the regime strictly, start to yield results. The idea behind The Every other Day Diet is to do away with the restrictions and fear a lot of people attach to the act of dieting. In the sense that people are scared to diet cause it limits them from eating foods that they love whenever they may choose to which eventually makes them fall into the temptation for cheating. The rules behind dieting are sometimes too stringent daunting for enthusiasts.

In most cases, I am opined to say that’s true but; let’s look at it this way; when you embark on a way of eating diet, you should have conditioned your mind that you are in this for the reasons you are starting that diet. I believe that the idea of dieting should be a source of strength to people going into it cause, it takes discipline, dedication and focus to live a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s not deviate from The Every other Day Diet; It is said that if the feast days and diet days are taken seriously, will seriously aid in loss of belly fat in the long run.

What you can eat during the Every Other Day Diet- Diet days

To ensure that your food consumption is within the 500 calorie stipulation, care should be taken to choose the kind of foods to consume within that limit in order not to go overboard. It is advised that , you eat this meal during lunch or dinner or in between; what ever works or is convenient for you. Foods like soup and salad can be taken, but make sure that the soup and/ or salad is within the 500 calories and not above… Always stick to it.

If you love meat, have lean meat instead, you could eat kilinshi and drink lots of water with some veggies, You could also eat skinless poultry like chicken, etc. Ensure you avoid meat on your Diet days and do not get tempted.

Eat lots sea foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like shrimps, salmon fish, which are good for your heart and your body in general and combine your seafood meal with some rich vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage etc, spice them up. Whatever it is you are adding or spicing up must NOT exceed 500 calories.

Every Other Day Diet: Understanding, Applying and Abducting this way of Dieting
Every Other Day Diet: Understanding, Applying and Abducting this way of Dieting


The Scare of Over eating During Feast Days

This is where lots of people express reservations. This is due to the fact that since everyone is allowed to eat as they choose during feast days, the fear of going overboard is real and people wonder how this can be controlled.

Though true, but Dr Varady states that the Every Other Day Diet grows on you. This is in the sense that when you know you can have anything you want to eat, you would not abuse it. It becomes a subconsious move. Also, since you eat 25% of your stipulated and normal calorie consumption on your Diet day, going overboard to even a 110% on your Feast day would make no difference or add any fat to you as in those two day, you have still taken less than is your specified and normal calorie intake consumption.

This continues to happen regularly, and your body metabolism will begin to change and ensure that your body eating appetite regulators begin to function again. Your brain , begins to control your eating compulsion and restructure you back to the specified way of eating according to your Every Other Day Diet which of course starts to show in the shrinking of your stomach in the amount of food you can consume. We all know that the stomach is an elastic sac and expands and shrinks given the prevalent circumstance.

So, what is it going to be?

Still, you have to exercise

Do not think for one second that when dieting you ought not to exercise. That is a huge misconception. It is important to know that you need your exercise to keep your body momentum moving.. Avoid having a plateau.

Ensure that you engage in exercises to help burn fat faster and keep fit and healthy.












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