Coffee and Weight Loss: How Can A Cup of Joe Help You?

By Jane Sandwood


Obesity is a growing health problem all over the world, and Africa is no exception. Africa has the fastest-growing middle class, which has resulted in fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King setting up stores all over the continent. As a result, Africans are eating more processed foods while living sedentary lifestyles – a combination that has led to Africa’s rapid increase in obesity rates.

The Malabo Montellier Panel reported that apart from the overweight problems in adults, African kids are highly affected too. The report said that obesity rates among children aged 7 to 11 years old are expected to increase to 11% by 2025; it was only 7% in 2011. This is clearly a problem that needs to be dealt with and it should start with educating Africans about weight loss. With Africa being home to the best coffee beans in the world, it just makes sense for Africans to take advantage of coffee for weight loss, such as stimulating metabolism and burning fats faster.

Go for Dark Roast Beans

Obesity can result in major health consequences. This includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, and risk of having cancer. There are numerous exercises and workout plans that you can try to lose weight. But if you’re a coffee lover and want to incorporate this beverage into your weight loss efforts, you’ll be glad to know that coffee will be very helpful. Even drinking a delectable mocha drink as a luxury dessert is healthy in comparison to eating a burger or a slab of cake.

However, you can’t just drink any coffee you like if you want to lose weight. When picking your coffee beans, always go for dark roast beans. These beans help you shed more bodyweight. Also, go for drip coffee and drink it warm or hot. The active ingredients in warm coffee are absorbed by the body easier.

Drink Before Working Out

The best time to drink coffee is 30 minutes to an hour before working out. This is the best time for the stomach to absorb the caffeine in the coffee, which will help stimulate your metabolism and burn calories faster. In addition, you might want to stick to less than five cups of Joes in a day. A smaller cup will be better too. Bear in mind that drinking too much might affect the body’s tolerance and will hinder the body to feel the effects. Also, if you can, do away with sugar, cream, and any sweetener. This will just add calories that you’ll have to burn off as well.

Health Benefits and Drawbacks

Coffee is indeed a well-loved drink all over the world, but if you’re going to use it for weight loss, you’ll have to check if it will fit you. Drinking coffee has plenty of health benefits like reducing the risk of liver cancer and heart diseases. On the other hand, people who are sensitive to caffeine may not be able to handle the increase in heart rate. This can also result in not being able to sleep properly at night, which will then disrupt your weight loss efforts. It is always best to talk to your doctor first before using coffee as a weight loss supplement.

Coffee and Weight Loss How Can A Cup of Joe Help You
Coffee and Weight Loss How Can A Cup of Joe Help You

Surely, this is good news for all coffee lovers out there. There’s no need to sacrifice your favorite beverage because it helps you to lose weight and improve your health too. Nevertheless, do know that coffee, alone, cannot make you lose the weight you intend to. It should be done with proper diet and workout. Think of coffee as a supportive friend, one that will give you a little nudge to get physical every day.


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