Does drinking garri make you fat?

Is drinking garri fattening?

Garri is a staple food not only eaten in Nigeria but most parts of West Africa. Garri is rich in carbohydrate that means it helps supply energy required by the body. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol which is good news; fat is what anyone with a weight loss plan tries to avoid. Because of the energy content, it is mostly consumed during the peak of the day which is afternoons so that it can be burned as well. That is actually the best time to indulge especially if you have a lot of physical work to do.

Garri is also high in vitamin C and Manganese which are essential nutrients the body needs for maintaining optimum health.

Is drinking garri fattening?
A bowl of garri

Does drinking garri make me fat?

A serving of garri contains about 360 calories. It contains 97% carbohydrates, 2% fat and 1% protein. Now what does this tell you? Garri has quite a high amount of carbohydrates which may not be particularly good for you if you take it excessively.

While there is no scientifically proven fact that drinking garri is fattening, if consumed in excess, the carbohydrates will be converted to fat at the end of the day which will cause weight gain. So if you must, drink garri in moderate quantities and not more than once a day. It may not give you all the necessary nutrients so try to go for a proper meal even after your garri escapades. Nonetheless, you should consider adding groundnuts, coconuts, honey, to gain some other nutrients in your bowl of garri.

Caution: if you are a diabetes patient, try to avoid it as much as possible because it contains a lot of sugars which can be grievous to your health.

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