Low fat/fat burning Ghanaian foods for weight loss

Get to know the low fat fat burning Ghanaian foods for weight loss

A major contributor to weight gain is an unhealthy eating habit. A lot of Ghanaians don’t pay attention to the foods they eat, their calorie content, or the effect those foods might have on their body weight. You need to have a clear understanding of your body needs when it comes to calories and nutrients in order to know the Ghanaian foods for weight loss.

Starving is quite an extreme route which a lot of people use in a bid to lose weight. Surprisingly, starving might prove counter-productive or lead to serious health complications. The right approach however, is to eat foods that induce fast metabolism, curbs appetite, and/or helps in burning fat. Remember the basic ‘unwritten’ rule of weight loss is to eat fewer calories than your body actually needs; as a result the body starts burning the already stored fat for fuel.

Ghanaians have recently taken to weight loss programs. It has become quite common especially among the ladies to fight calories and frequently hit the gym all in the name of losing weight. Well, while I applaud your efforts, you could be going round in circles without any positive results due to ignorance on certain topics. This is why it is important to discover which foods are low in fat and could also aid weight loss.

Here are a few Ghanaian foods for weight loss and how


Veggies are not only low in calories but are nutrient dense. They pack a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins. The benefits of eating veggies are numerous. Vegetables are low in calories, high in minerals, low in Carbs, and contain no fats. A few examples include; carrot, cabbage, cucumber, spinach, and the likes.


Everywhere in the world, fish remains known as a tasty food packed with high quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish is not only low in calories but also low in saturated fats. The following are the best options; trout, mackerel, salmon and tuna. Fish will keep you feeling satisfied and full for a long time with fewer calories.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are known to boost the body’s metabolism, enhancing the fat burning process. The best time to take fruits for weight loss is in the morning. Citrus fruits include; oranges, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, and lemon. Other great sources of vitamin C include; apples, cherries, tomatoes, and grape.

Pepper and salmon fish banku

Ordinarily, Banku might not be considered up on the list of Ghanaian weight loss foods but when served with pepper, onions, tomatoes and salmon it becomes a different story. This makes it rich in not only vitamin but omega-3 acids, proteins and phosphorous. The only take here is that you have to be conscious of portion control so you don’t enjoy little more calories than your body needs.

Boiled unripe plantain with kontomire sauce

This is a mouthwatering local dish. kontomire contains potassium and vitamins which boosts the body’s metabolism enabling weight loss. Known by some as ‘ampesi’, kontomiire is a great Ghana delicacy. The iron contained in the unripe plantain is great for muscle building and also aids fat burning.

Garden egg stew

Garden egg stew laced with high amounts of manganese, calcium, dietary fiber, and potassium, boosts metabolism resulting in weight loss. It can be taken as an alternative to kontomire in eating boiled plantain or sweet potatoes.

Note: sweet potato is a better alternative to the regular potato but discipline is advised when it comes to portion control.


Eggs went from being the most dreaded food with regards to cholesterol to one of the most popular foods on almost all weight loss diets out there; thanks to research. Eggs are a high source of protein that raves satiety levels resulting in the consumption of fewer calories, ultimately leading to weight loss. You are advised to eat no more than three eggs a day, preferably at breakfast.

Green tea

Beyond its high antioxidant level (totally great for detoxification), green tea contains catechins which boost metabolism and triggers fast weight loss. One cup of green tea every morning and you’re well on your way to great weight loss results.


The health benefits are numerous to be mentioned. Water is essential for weight loss. it aids in digestion and makes you feel fuller quicker. As usual, its best to take no less than 8 glasses of water a day.


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