Cameroonian delicacies that aid weight loss

Cameroon Foods that can help with weightloss

Are you in Cameroon and gunning for weight loss? Are you unwilling to let go of all the yummy delicacies that are Cameroon’s traditional foods? While you can’t have it all, there are quite a number of them you can still enjoy without wondering about weight gain. There are Cameroonian delicacies that aid weight loss. Weight loss is mostly about eating fewer calories than your body needs to enable the body burn fat for fuel. This feat is almost impossible in Cameroon as most Cameroonian dishes are calorie dense.

Let’s take a look at some of the lower calorie Cameroonian meals that are available;



This meal is a plantain (unripe) based meal prepared with nutritious spices such as garlic, ginger, parsley, basil, curry, white pepper, black pepper, celery leaves and thyme. Kondres is low on calorie yet very nutritious. Caution should be applied during preparation with regards to the quantity of oil used.



This is yet another unripe plantain based food. Prepared with spinach and bitter leaf, ndole is a nutritious meal. in order to maximize your effort in the weight loss process, cut down on the groundnuts or peanuts and oil during preparation.



Beans are highly proteinous and nutritious. The thing about eating high protein foods is that they give your metabolism a good kick all the while keeping you full for longer. This goes a long way to curtail the amount of calories you consume.


Sese plantain

An easy to make Cameroonian delicacy prepared with nutritious ingredients including kale leaves and cayenne pepper. This meal is a muscle builder. The more muscles your body builds the more fat it burns. The use of oil in preparation of this meal is totally option. Of course you know what option is best for weight loss (the no-oil option).


Hot pot potato

This is simply sweet potato cooked in tomatoes, pepper and onion garnished with garlic. Yummy right? It is an easy to prepare meal and quite common in Cameroon. To make it more nutritious, you can prepare hot pot potato with chicken (preferably without the skin).

There are other meals that aids in weight loss that are not traditional Cameroonian foods but are obtainable in Cameroon. These include;


Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are high protein sources that are good for weight loss. This means fewer calories with satiety. The fact that it keeps you feeling full for longer mans that there will be no mindless bingeing on calorie dense foods.


There’s simply no escaping the greens on any weight loss journey. These contain vitamins that are essential not just for weight loss but for overall sound health. Kale leaves, spinach, celery, cucumber, and broccoli are a few examples of healthy veggies you can get in Cameroon.

Green tea

Green tea has become one of the most sought after teas following research that has proven just how beneficial to the health green tea is. Green tea is great for faster metabolism and ultimately weight loss. You can never go wrong with at least one cup of green tea to start our day.


Filled with vitamins, fruits are nutritious for the body and can serve as great snacks through the weight loss journey. Rather than snack on junk, a juicy fruit would keep the calories lower and your body healthier. Not to forget the radiant glowing effect fruits have on your skin.


These are another set that make for healthy choice when it comes to snacks. There are healthy nuts that are a better option to other varieties; walnuts and hazel nuts. Whatever the case is, try to avoid salted nuts.


Drink lots and lots of it. It helps digestion, it keeps you fuller for longer (making you eat less), and it adds to the glow on your skin. Take a glass every morning as you wake, few minutes before each meal, before a bath, and before bed. Any reason is valid enough to drink water. Drink at least eight glasses a day.

It should be known that only changing your diet is not nearly enough to help you lose those pounds. You need to make some changes to your lifestyle. Get more active physically. Engage in activities that work all parts of your body. The more energy the body expels combined with your right-eating, causes the body to burn more fat for fuel. Exercising at least three to four times a week will further expedite the process. To avoid health complications, please consult your doctor if you notice any reactions on your body or health.

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