Love handles; what it is and how to get rid of it

Love handles are those excess fats that are comfortably seated at the sides of your torso. The thing about love handles is that as earlier stated, it gets comfortable and is hard to lose. Other names for love handle include muffin top and spare tire (let’s stick to love handles for this exposé)

The good news is that love handles are not as health endangering as belly fat. This does not mean that you should simply leave it there. Love handles tend to take the fitting out of a dress. Getting rid of love handles is more of a fashion thing than a health thing. It does have it health effects but they are minimal.

To get rid of love handles you need to undergo a total lifestyle change. Incorporate exercise routines that are engineered towards the abdomen and the lower back region. Love handles are stubborn and exercise alone (irrespective of the intensity) just won’t cut it.

Stubborn fats like love handles require work to be done from the inside out. This means keeping a close eye on nutrition and diet. It is imperative to create a nutrition plan that will help you lose those love handles. the said nutrition plan will only work its magic when you adopt the following life style changes;

  • Lay off the bottle

When people hear the phrase ‘lay off the bottle’ they usually relate it with alcoholism. You don’t have to be an alcoholic or a drunk for alcohol to take its toll on your weight. A glass of beer and a glass of wine both contain over a hundred calories. This means that while you’re casually ‘having a drink with the guys’, the calories are piling up.

  • Meal spacing and timing

Most weight loss programs advice its partakers to spread their meals rather than pile them up. It is advisable that you eat smaller consistent portions through the day than pile up large calorie dense meals at meal times.

Timing your meals is also a great way to go. By timing, you need to know what food is best to eat when and why. What foods are best to eat for breakfast? What foods are best to eat after workout? What foods are best for dinner? Strategically time your meals.

  • Stay hydrated

Over the years, a lot of emphasis has been laid on staying hydrated yet people don’t usually heed this advice. Water is paramount to your overall well being. Your body needs at least eight glasses of water a day to function properly. Most times when the body is dehydrated it sends hunger signals to the brain instead and that leads to piling up calories. On the other hand when the body is hydrated, it gives a feeling of satiety; making you feel full with little to no food.

What causes love handles?

Love handles are a result of hormone imbalance in insulin and cortisol. Love handles are a strong indicator of insulin resistance and cortisol imbalance.

After noting and observing the lifestyle changes above, the next step would be a change in your nutrition. Here are guides to healthy nutrition changes that could help get rid of love handles;

  • sugars, added sugars and preservatives are a no-no
  • eat more protein
  • high fiber foods are great
  • get rid of soda
  • fruits and veggies are good only if they are low-carb
  • eat healthy fat to kill fat
  • turmeric and ginger are great spices (they fight inflammation)
  • go organic
  • coconut oil and olive oil are great fat sources

Changing your lifestyle and your nutrition are your best bet for a long lasting change in your body. For a faster result in getting rid of love handles you need to combine these lifestyle and nutrition changes with exercise routines. Go for high intensity oblique and abdominal exercises for a faster result.

Although it has been` established that love handles are not life threatening, it is advisable to consult with your doctor, physical health giver or nutritionist at every turn on this journey to get rid of love handles.

The meaning of love handles and how to get rid of it

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