[VIDEO] Deedee’s Weight Loss Journey

Hi everyone, my name is Deedee and here is my Weight loss story.

My weight loss journey with African Weight loss started in early year of 2016 when I was searching for a good weight loss program to lose weight and keep it up. I signed up with ongoing challenge and fall off because I was not consistent with the program. I have forgotten about the program until March 2017, when I got a mail from AFLW for another challenge that I decided to give it another trial after tried so many programs that failed me.

I joined the 60 days challenge on 29/03/2017 with a starting weight of 105 kg. I was inconsistent again. At a stage, I tried to pull out but with the help of forum, our able coach and my group chat members, they refused my withdrawal notice and encouraged me not to give up for they all have same experience. I am happy with the little I did. People have started noticing the change on me, from 105kg to 98kg. I don’t know that it would be possible loosing with eating healthy (balanced) Nigerian foods and with physical activities.

One thing I love with African Weight Loss is that they would be following and monitoring what you eat and physical activities daily, correcting and encouraging you if they notice any error. In the Forum, you are not alone, they will be there for you any day, any time.

During the program, I have got a glowing skin, flat tummy and smaller butt. I used to be sick even when I joined initially, I nearly pulled out because of one ill health or the other. My BP before was 180/100 now it is between 110 and 120/80. I am not feeling the kidney stone again. I am feeling light all the time without feeling any sick. All these are courtesy of African Weight Loss Forum and the Group Chat and one-on-one encouragement of the Coach. The kind of support I got from them is awesome??.

The journey continues, hopefully to get to 78kg with the program because the Support Team would never leave or abandon me until the goal is achieved.

If this story fascinates you and you want to shed off some weight like me, why not rush to www.africanweightloss.com/forum to sign up TODAY?


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