Why Coconut Oil is Healthy for rapid Weightloss

Does Coconut Oil help with Rapid Weightloss?

Coconut oil is fast becoming a gold mine. It has a lot of benefits. Word is coconut oil for rapid weightloss is true. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest weight loss-friendly fats there is. If you are looking to lose weight especially around the abdomen, you should seriously consider adding coconut oil to your diet. Studies reveal that simply by making coconut oil a part of your meal, you’ll be able to lose weight with an added advantage of a glowing skin.

How does Coconut Oil help with Rapid Weightloss


Coconut oil contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids. These acids do not go through the same metabolism process as the longer chain fats. They go from the digestive tract straight to the liver where they are used for energy. In cases when they aren’t used as energy source, they are turned into ketone bodies.

Eating coconut oil tends to be more energy exerting (fat burning) when compared to other fat sources. This means that replacing other fats with healthy fat foods such as coconut oil will help the fat burning process as the fat being consumed does not store and is easily burnt as fuel.


The major work load during weight loss is to ensure that you are consuming fewer calories than your body needs. This gives the body a chance to burn the already stored up fats in the body using them as an energy source instead. What better way to achieve this than to eat foods that will curb your appetite and possibly reduce your food cravings to a minimum? This is an easy but efficient route to weight loss.

The Medium Chain Fatty Acids contained in coconut oil gives off a feeling of satiety making you feel full faster and reducing all cravings for bingeing or snacking. This further leads to a reduced level of calorie intake. Studies further relate this effect to the ‘unique’ metabolism process of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. The ketone bodies produced by these Medium Chain Fatty Acids are known to be great appetite suppressers.

If you are looking for a ‘magic’ weight loss tool, this is the wrong article. Yes! Coconut oil boosts metabolism. Yes! Coconut oil curbs appetite. Yes! Coconut oil aids in losing abdominal fat. Coconut oil does all this but ONLY if accompanied with the right diet and possibly exercise. There will be no results if coconut oil is just an addition to an already unhealthy diet.

The ideal way to take coconut oil for weight loss is to use it as a replacement for other oils or fat taking your calorie needs into consideration. For an even better result, you might want to use coconut oil in preparing your breakfast meals. This keeps you full through the day or at the very least, it keeps you full for the better part of the day. This means that you most probably won’t be indulging in unhealthy snacking or cravings.


Coconut oil

Amount per 1 tsp (4.5g)

Calories 39

Total fat   4.5g

Saturated fat   3.9g

Polyunsaturated fat 0.1g

Monounsaturated fat 0.3g

Cholesterol  0mg

Sodium   0mg

Total carbohydrate 0g

Dietary fiber   0g

Sugar    0g

Protein   0g

Vitamin A   0%    Vitamin C   0%

Calcium   0%    Iron    0%

Vitamin D  0%    Vitamin B-6  0%

Vitamin B-12  0%    Magnesium  0%

Note: daily values may vary depending on calorie needs.

Beyond weight loss, coconut oil serves other health benefits most of which are a direct or indirect result of weight loss. Here are some of those benefits of Coconut Oil;
  • Healthy heart

Making coconut oil a part of your diet, ensures weight loss along the abdominal region and indirectly protects the body from heart ailments or diseases. Most heart conditions stem from excessive weight especially around the abdomen (also known as belly fat). This means that with the simple addition of coconut oil to your diet you’ll be able to fend off heart related diseases like High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Heart failure, and the likes.

  • Energy boost

Consumption of coconut oil (especially in the morning) boosts your energy level. As mentioned before, Medium Chain Fatty Acids go through a unique digestive process in which they are converted into energy. One tea spoon of coconut oil is enough to boost your energy levels and keep it up through the day.


  • It cures UTI, kidney infection, and also protects the liver.
  • It aids in cancer prevention and possibly cancer treatment
  • It boosts immune system, acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent.
  • It improves digestion and bowel movement
  • Coconut oil is a great anti-aging agent more so when applied on the body. It is also said to aid in the removal of cellulite and stretch marks (in which case it has to be both ingested and applied on affected areas).

It is important to know what kind of coconut oil you’re using. Most company made oils lose their vitality after the procedures they go through. To be on a safe and cautious side, rather buy organic coconut oil or stick to homemade coconut oil.

Coconut oil; healthy for rapid weightloss?

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