How to get rid of your belly pooch (aka spare tyre) on your abdomen

rid your belly pooch the right way with these tips


rid your belly pooch the right way with these tips
Belly Pooch : Contrary to what most gym instructors would tell you, abs exercises alone would not get rid of that belly pooch or spare tyre around your waist. You can’t reduce fat from only one spot in your body, but you can adjust your diet, reduce fat in all parts of your body, and get a flat abdomen, especially, if you are taking in the right diet.


• Regular exercise. For a beginner, you can commence on two or three days of cardio exercises as long as you can, or for at least thirty minutes, and then increase it as the days go by.
• Strength training on your entire body, weight lifting is particularly helpful. For women, you can buy the 5kg dumbbells for weight lifting.
• A healthy low-calorie diet this is the most helpful part in the flat abs process. I have a lot food timetables on the website that you can use to attain this, along with these exercises.

  • You can join the forum and actively participate daily in learning a lot of secrets, losing that weight and learn how to keep it off FOREVER.
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  1. hi. i'm a 35 yr old single mum and i truly want to lose weight. i weigh 130 kg and i'm about 5ft 7 in tall. i haven't always been this way,although i am a big boned parson, but lets just say, i've had to go through the whole gamut of a painful divorce, rejection and depression. i have set a target of 1 yr to lose about 50 kg,starting in phases. i'll be 36 in jan and i want to live long for myself and my child.i would appreciate some personal consultation, if possible. i live and work in ikeja and i hold a sedentary job. please help.

  2. hi iwas a size 10 be4 mariage,now i am almost a size 14 with spare tyre,my cloths dont sit well, nd i am starting to loose my confidence.pls help where do i start?

  3. Hey guy, am a 33 year old woman with 4 kids and a terrible belly pouch. Its falling down. How can I lose it as am terribly looking shapeless and not happy. Thank u.

  4. i am a 31 yr old lady n just started developing belly eating habit is very bad cos i dnt really like food rather i prefer wat do i do to fight the habit n i think i really need the time- table to help me.

  5. Tank u so much Dr Trim, ive read some posts and im so delighted that the programm is really working unlike those that ive been through.
    Pls Dr. Is there any meal plan for pregnant women. I was slim before childbirth but now im fat. If i follow the meal plan now, ill definitely loose weight but when i get pregnant, i will gain weight again. Pls help

  6. I am a nineteen yrs old i use to be slim but now i weigh 71kg am not happy about that. Those fat burner do they have side effect?

  7. Pls help me cos am losin it,am weghin 85kg nd ve tried all i culd but is nt workin nd dis big tummy of a me plssssss

  8. Dr trim am always inspire weneva I read ur articles. Tank u so much. Pls help me! Av avoided most carbs bt am stil nt loosin d weight! Was slim before marriage n havin a baby has changed me. Was weighin 65kg bt nw weighin 88 or so. Wat do I do

    • Can you join the forum? That way you can post your daily meals and workouts let’s see where the problem is coming from

  9. Hi doc. I am 33, 5ft 8in tall and weigh 110kg. Have a big tummy and worst of all get tired at every little stair a climb. Used to do exercises bt stopped as there was no changes. Pls help me I need a food plan and would go back to exercise. Is it possible for me to lose 30kg in 1month? Pls reply

    • 40 kg in three months is pretty extreme. I would advise you take advantage of my free coaching on my weight loss forum. Its absolutely free. all you need to do is register, and start posting your daily food intake and how much you exercise, and i would advise you on what i think. Hope to see you on the forum. you would also see success stories of other women who have lost weight along with thier pictures and the kinds of foods they have been eating! find the forum at: Just click the link to access the forum and register.

  10.  need ur help pls…am 27yrs old and am weighing 90kg… have 2kids and the baby weight ¶§ still there…how can  loose the weight?

    • Hi , can you join our forum and start posting your food and exercise diary there? so that way i can see what you eat daily and how much exercise you do and advice thus?

  11. Thanks dr trim,i ve benefited immensely from this forum. I am beginning to drop the excess weight by eating right and exercising. But i noticed that it has also made my boobs droop. I am not married yet and this is really affecting my confidence. Before now,my boobs used to be strong and firm but loosing the weight has made them quite flabby. what can i do? should i stop exercising? i seem to be loosing fat in my breast..advise pls

  12. Hello,dr trim..thanks for d gud work u r doing in this forum. I have bn eating right and exercising too and have lost a considerable amount of weight but i also noticed that d weight loss have effected my breasts which were once fuller and firmer. They now droop and not firm anymore. i am not married and never had any kid. This change in breast is really affecting my confidence. I think i lost most of the fatty tissue in my breasts. pls what can i do? should i stop exercising?


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