Foods to eat to improve your body building regime

Are you gunning for a well toned and sculpted body? Do you want to build muscle, burn fat, and stay healthy? Sweating it out in the gym doesn’t seem to be enough and you’re wondering what more you could possibly do? Well it is time to look into your diet. Let’s find out if you’re eating the right foods and if not, you’ll be making some adjustments. It’s a bit tricky building your body without gaining weight from fat because your body actually needs fuel to create muscles. This means that you need more calories to achieve your goal. Now, you need to know what foods you can eat to be on the safe side.

Body building may look and sound like gaining weight but it is focused on gaining muscle mass not fat. A body building diet is subject to change. As your body changes, so does your calorie needs, so you need to switch up your diet from time to time based on your body requirements or needs.

  • The first thing to do is to determine exactly how many calories your body needs. Find out what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is and work with professionals to decide how many calories you need to take per day. Your diet has to be unique to you, tending to your needs.
  • Eat many meals but in small portions this way you’ll be providing your body with a constant stream of calories and protein. You are recommended to eat at least six meals a day.
  • Try as much as you can to plan healthy carbs for after a workout session. Eating healthy carbs at least half an hour after an exercise routine could help your protein uptake by raising insulin.
  • Knowing the right amount of protein to consume each day is just as important as knowing your body’s calorie needs. When you hear muscle building, protein isn’t far off. Protein is the foundation of muscle building hence you need to eat enough to allow your muscles to build.
  • Don’t be afraid of saturated fat and cholesterol. In as much as you’re not advised to consume much of these, a healthy amount will suffice. Saturated fat and cholesterol raise the body’s testosterone levels so be sure to include them in your plan.

Eating “empty” calorie is a no-no if you want to build your body without gaining mass around your waistline. This is why you should cautiously select a healthy diet along side your workout routine to get that killer body you’ve been gunning for.

There are certain foods to eat when during building; not just going to the gym daily


  1. EGG WHITES: almost every known body builder had egg whites in their diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brooke Dragon, Brandan Fokken, Ronnie Coleman, among many other body builders emphasized on the role of egg whites in their diets. Egg whites are the purest form of protein with a protein to fat ratio of 60:1. They also contain few carbs, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are best as breakfast but it is recommended to take not more than 3 eggs a day.
  2. FISH: fish houses essential fatty acids (omega 3) which help to support and aid the body building process. It is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats.
  3. BEANS: beans are a nutritious source of protein. It equally contains fiber. Fiber helps to regulate bowel movement as well as facilitate proper insulin response. This aids in muscle growth.
  4. LEAN MEATS: lean meats are low on Saturated fat and Trans fat. They provide a great source of high protein essential for body building. This means swapping beef and pork for chicken and turkey.
  5. HEALTHY CARBS: contrary to what most people believe, body building is not all protein. Your body needs a healthy source of carb to fuel and sustain your muscles. Slow burning carbs such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes are ideal but in small portions.
  6. WATER: water is as essential for body building as any other nutrient. Water carries nutrients to your muscle cells. This makes the cells make more efficient use of the nutrients that you consume. Beyond that, you need to keep your body in the most anabolic state possible and water is key to that. Stay as hydrated as possible.


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Hitting the gym frequently and eating the mentioned foods in healthy portion (in proportion to your body needs) will give you that stellar body that you so desire.


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