Understanding Suspension Training in Body training

Suspension training is a training approach that uses a suspension trainer (a system of ropes and webbing) to allow users to work against their own body weight. It brings back memories from ‘George of the Jungle’, swinging from tree to tree. This in itself is an approach to strength training, flexibility, balance and joint stability.

Admirably, suspension training is versatile. You can easily have either an indoor work out session or an outdoor session. Suspension trainers while uncomplicated are versatile training equipments that make fitness training fresh and fun. Suspension training dates back as far as the 1800s when former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick developed the Total Resistance exercise (TRX) equipment. TRX and other companies have been working relentlessly on improving designs in order to minimize risk.

suspension training and what it entails

NOTE: beginners at suspension training should start slowly then build up. Like always, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and your trainer.


Despite the fears and risks involved, like everything else, suspension training has its benefits. Some of which include:

  1. It builds stability in our core muscles. The core muscles are a set of four muscle groups which surround the organs of our lower torso. Stability in your core muscles ensures a strong and stable base for every movement in every other part of your body. As you train your core muscles during suspension training, strength and athletic development are being built in your arms legs, hips, shoulders, chest and upper back.
  2. Suspension trainers are quite portable. Most people are faced with the challenge of having to move heavy training equipment. Sometimes, their excuse for having gone lax in their workout routine is that they couldn’t possibly carry their training equipment around. Well, suspension trainers are portable enough to move about with and are quite easy to set up. This means you can set up anywhere. This allows you to stick to workout routines without problems. You can stay fit even when you’re on vacation or when you’re taking a trip.
  3. It enables increased metabolic rate. Suspension training is a more effective way of building strength and losing weight because of its high intensity nature. Exercising at a high intensity level for a short period of time increases the body’s metabolic rate enabling you to burn more calories during and after training. This means that the body continues to burn calories even after workout.
  4. Suspension training improves cardiovascular fitness. The more you move from one exercise to the next, the more your heart rate is kept up during your workout routine.

As with other workout routines, be reminded not to go beyond your capabilities. You are advised to consult with a doctor, a physician, or a trainer. Also note that it is necessary to pace yourself at the beginning stage. If suspension training is being channeled towards weight loss goals, remember that you should also have a weight loss meal plan. That way, you’ll have more efficient results.


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