Register NOW for March/April Weightloss Challenge

The March-April Definite and Permanent Weightloss Challenge on the forum Is set to begin in a few days and I think you should avail yourself of it right now.

Granted,  there are a lot of weight-loss and diet groups that it is easy to be swayed or even confused.

Let us lose weight the right, proper and permanent way.  A lifestyle you can live without complications.

Do join us..  Visit the forum:

And this is the link to the challenge page :;topicseen#msg44087

I’m earnestly looking forward to having you lose weight with me…

See you!


    1. Weightloss Expert

      Yes you can…
      Any what is okay for you but just depends on how your body responds to it. But if you’re a nursing mum, drinking water at room temperature is better for now.
      Thank you

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