Calories in pounded yam flour (Ola Ola or Ayoola)

Calories in pounded yam flour

This information of calories in pounded yam flour is made using the standard cup size, a picture of which is above.  The pounded yam flours in the market, as we know are not 100% just yam, lots of preservatives are added to keep it fresh and in good shape for consumption. Thus its not surprising that pounded yam flour has a high calorie content.

The cup of pounded yam flour you are seeing above contains the following:

940 calories

Of this 940 calories of pounded yam flour, 88% is carbohydrate

0% is protein.

11.1% is fat.

Bear in mind that most people cannot use just this one cup of pounded yam flour for thier meals, unless you want the very soft iyan. Also by the time you add your soup and meat, imagine how much calories you are consuming at one. If its one of the oily Naija soups, you might find that you are eating almost 2500 calories in one meal. the average calorie consumption recommended should be between 1200-1500 of healthy foods. So how are you helping yourself lose weight, if you are having 2500 calories in one meal? And of course, the high carbohydrate content of the pounded yam flour would stimulate more hunger in you, making you crave for more food in the next few hours!!

For details on calories in the normal pounded yam (made by actually pounding the yam), click here

Like i always advise, for weight loss, please choose healthier food options. You can never have too much of fruits and vegetables, you can never have too much of proteins. If you love swallows, green plantains are a better option than using yam flour, though also high in carbohydrate content but not as high as this, plus they have a lower glycemic index which is beneficial for weight loss.

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  1. Worli

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  2. joy

    I really like your website.
    Pls, how many grams are in one serving of okro soup,vegetable soup and egusi soup.
    I’m used to weighing my‎ soups. The serving spoon is somewhat confusing.

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