We now have New Weight Loss DVDS available. This is a list of DVDs available, and details with samples of the videos (or click here to order online):

1. Turbo Jam workout –N-14,000: This is a workout DVD that doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s so much fun you wouldn’t know you are actually working out while doing it, plus it burns a lot of calories. It works on your upper body, lower body and abs at the same time. This package contains 7 workouts :

  • Learn & Burn: Here Chalene shows you a step by step walkthrough of how to do the moves.
  • Turbo Sculpt:  This is a forty minute session that tightens and tones your body.
  • 20 Minute Workout: If you are short on time, this is the workout to do. It gives you a maximum burn in as short as twenty minutes. Honestly you wouldn’t want it to end!
  • Ab Jam: 20 minute workout that focuses only on the abs to tighten and strengthen That abs.
  • Cardio Party: This is a 45 minute cardio workout. The songs are fun, the workouts and steps are so much fun too.
  •  Punch, Kick & Jam: This is a 50 minute fun workout that involves punching moves, kicking and dancing. It combines cardio and strength training together in the dance moves.
  •  Turbo Slim® diet plan: Easy meal plan to help with your weight loss.
  • Measurement card that gives an easy way to measure your progress
  • Measurement tape for measuring your inches lost.
  • Booty Sculpt + Abs: This is a 30 minute workout that aims to sculpt the butt and abs. Fun to do! Click here to see a sample:

2. Slim (in six) series express (10000 naira):  Want to lose weight in six weeks? The Slim in six series from Debbie Siebers is known to give awesome results. It gives a body transformation within six weeks if used accordingly. It works extremely well for the arms, the tummy and the thighs. Click here to see a sample of this workout dvd: The following titles can be found in this package:

  • Cardio Core! Express: This is a 35 minute workout that burns fat while it strengthens and tightens your core.
  • Cardio Sculpt! Express: A 36 minute workout that includes cardio and resistance and works your body from head to toe.
  • Cool It Off! Express: A 30 minute cool down routine.
  • 6-Minute Abs!  6 minute ab workout that focuses only on the abs.

2b. The slim in six Rapid results (16000): This is an awesome workout dvd. It is great for toning and getting your body back to shape. It combines weight loss with toning and as such you get a nicely shaped body while losing weight.

Slim in 6® is more effective at helping you lose weight than those super-intense, high-impact workouts. The secret is Debbie’s Slim Training® technique, a combination of low-impact cardio and light resistance moves that gets you into the optimal fat-burning zone—and keeps you there longer.

With Slim in 6, the fat melts away as you tone lean muscle without bulking up. So you can get incredible body-shaping results, fast!

What you get with Slim in 6:

3 Easy-to-Follow Fat-Burning Workouts

  • Start It Up! Start melting fat and slimming down with this 30-minute, moderate-intensity workout.
  • Ramp It Up! Turn up the calorie burn with moves that target your hips, thighs, and abs in about 45 minutes a day.
  • Burn It Up! Reveal your new slim, toned body with Debbie’s advanced workout that takes less than an hour.

Workout Calendar
Chart your progress with each workout and watch the pounds melt away.

Weight Loss Eating Plan
Delicious meal plans developed by registered dieticians to help you lose weight faster and easier.

Tools to Help You Succeed

  • 6-Day Express Diet Plan Jump-start your results and lose up to 6 pounds and 6 inches in your first 6 days—the healthy way!
  • Simple Steps to Success! Debbie guides you through your transformation step by step.

Plus 2 FREE workouts

  • Slim & 6-Pack This 10-minute workout targets ab flab for a tight, toned midsection and strong core.
  • Slim & Limber Stretch out your muscles to keep your body lean, flexible, and feeling good all over.

And 3 FREE bonus gifts

  • Slim Training Resistance Band* Shape and tone a beautiful, sexy body with just the right amount of resistance—no bulky weights required.
  • 24/7 online support Chat live with Debbie, plus get amazing peer support and advice from the Slim in 6 experts.
  • Cardio Core! Express Burn fat as you tighten and strengthen your entire core with all-new calorie-blasting moves.

 3. Rocking body (10000 Naira): 3 DVD set. From the creator of Insanity and Hip Hop Abs, comes Rocking body. Click here to see a sample: The package comes with the following:

  • Mark, Move & Groove: this is a 15 minute workout that would have you dancing and sweating to popular songs you know.
  • Disco Groove: Another 35 minute dance workout that helps you burn calories.
  •  Party Express : A 25 minute dance session
  • Shaun T’s Dance Party : A 45 minute dance party workout
  • Rock It Out : Another 45 minute rock and roll routine that sculpts and tones your body
  • My Quick start Guide: A workout calendar showing how to follow the routines.
  • Never “Diet” Again guide : Diet guide and recipes (Not Nigerian)
  • Hard-Core Abs:  10 minute dance ab workout.
  • Booty Time: 30 minute workout to lift your buns, slim your hips, and tighten your abs.

4. Turbo fire workout (Keep on burning) 4500 naira:  The keep on burning DVD gives you a glimpse of what turbo Fire is all about. It has three classes that help you burn calories at a very high rate (up to 9x more than the traditional cardio burn). This workout is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training workout). The DVD lasts for 45 minutes.

5.  Weighted Hand gloves (5000 naira): The weighted gloves weigh 0.75lbs each. This is especially for the arms. Helps tone your arms while you work out.

 6.  Walk away the Pounds Express 4500):The workout DVD contains 2 workouts, a 2 mild DVD and a 4 mile DVD. It also comes with the stretchie band.

7. Polar Ft4 Heart Rate monitor (17,000): This is a heart rate monitor that helps you know how many calories you burn each workout according to your weight and how much you exert during the workout.

8. Insanity Asylum Volume 2 (20 copies only) 20500: This is the latest DVD in the Insanity Series. This was released late last year (2012). If you though insanity Volume 1 was tough, then try volume 2. Please note that this doesn’t come with the dumbbells or the skipping rope nor the agility ladder. In place of the ladder you can work out on a tiled floor.

Here’s what you get with INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 2:

A. X Trainer workout: This is a tough 50 minute workout that would leave you in a pool of sweat. It’s fun but extremely challenging. It’s a cardio workout with some strength moves in it. The estimated calorie burn of this workout is 720 calories.

b. Upper Elite workout. This workout focuses on the upper body. It’s a 60 minute workout. This workout is a pro in muscle fatigue. Crazy pushups to strengthen the upper body and a five minute burn at the end which would leave you breathless. Estimated calorie burn for this workout is 744 calories

c. Ab Shredder. The hardest ab workout ever. It consists of 20 minutes of very very very hard ab workouts. Estimated burn of 285 calories in 20 minutes.

d. Power Legs: Honestly, i advise not to do this workout on a weekday when you have to go to work the next day because your muscles would be so sore you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. It’s a lower body workout that uses all the muscles in the lower body, leaving you sore. The workout lasts for 55 minutes and estimated burn is 583 calories.

e. Back & 6-Pack: This workout is a 40 minute workout that focuses on your back and your ab muscles again. It lasts for 40 minutes with an estimated burn of: 435 calories.

f. Championship + Bonus! Fit Test: Get ready to pursue THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Championship. And this time, get put to the Fit Test at the END! (60 minutes) Both workouts can burn approximately 824 calories

G. Off-Day Stretch. 30 minute workout that consists of stretch exercises for your muscles h. Agility Tutorial. This is a 25 minute step by step breakdown of the moves contained in the DVDs.

Along with your DVDs, you get the following:

1. The Playbook.A 30 day step by step guide to enable you get maximum results.

2. Get Shredded Volume 2. contains Great recipes that would aid your weight loss.

3. Step Quick-Start Guide. This will have you jumping out of your seat to Push Play. It’s the fastest way to join Shaun T and the rest of Team ASYLUM. And even more tools to accelerate your progress:

  • 30-day THE ASYLUM Volume 2 Wall Calendar. Stay committed to seeing exceptional results by crossing off each day’s workout as you go.
  • 60-day THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 Hybrid Calendar. Double your championship efforts with this 60-day schedule of THE ASYLUM Volume 1/Volume 2 workouts.
  • 24/7 Online Access. Chat with Shaun T and a motivating online community committed to helping you achieve excellence.

9. Zumba workout DVD:  Zumba workout DVDs are now available in Nigeria. Zumba is a fun dance workout program that focuses on all parts of the body. For a sample of what it’s like: These are the packages available:

a. Zumba exhilarate package: it includes 4 DVDs of Zumba exhilarate as well as the weights used in zumba workouts series. The DVDs are:

Step by Step DVD: teaching you how to do Zumba steps. The step-by-step DVD is 59 minutes.

Ripped toning / mix DVD: This DVD contains two workouts. The Ripped / Mixed DVD Total Run Time is 2:06:42 ET breakdown is as follows: Ripped – Toning – 31:28. This workout uses dumbbells Zumba provided in the pack. It works on the arms, thighs, hips and stomach. Get to know your instructors – 1:34

Zumba Mix (W / breakdown) – 91 minutes. It is a mix of Zumba training session’s different world regions. This is so much fun you want to forget her workout!

Exhilarate: it is a workout energetic dance that leaves you hurt all over. The workout is for 59 minutes

Activate DVD: another good workout poses 47 minutes. It has the most beautiful songs and rhythms and keep you dancing throughout. This exhilarate 4 DVD + toning stick package is 15,000 naira for the complete package.

b. Zumba Single DVD only rush (original) . This DVD is a fast dance workout 20 minutes for those who might be in a hurry and want another 20 minutes drive energetic fun. It lasts only 20 minutes. This DVD is 3000 naira

10. Insanity Pure Contact DVD: This is a twenty minute power packed DVD. It contains a twenty minute insanity workout. Mainly for those who are in a hurry and want a great quick calorie burn.


11. Hip Hop Abs Workout 9000 naira. From Shaun T, The creator of the Insanity workout DVD, come Hip Hop abs. For a limited amount of time the bonus version of this DVD would be available. Unlike the basic hip hop abs which has 4 videos in one DVD, this DVD bonus package contains 3 DVDS along with other bonuses: 1. The first DVD contains:

  • Secrets to Flat Abs: This is a 13 minute video where Shaun T gives info on how to do the workouts, and some small tips and secrets to help you get the workouts right.
  • Fat Burning Cardio: This is a 30 minute dance video that gives you a great cardio workout while using putting the ab muscles to work.
  • Shaun T’s Learn to Dance workout.

2. The Second DVD contains:

  • Ab Sculpt: A 25 minute video that contains strength training workouts targeted at the ab muscles.
  • Total Body Burn: This is a 45 minute workout that contains head to toe workouts.
  • Last minute abs: a 5 minute video that targets the abs
  • Shaun T’s Take it to the dance floor

3 The Third DVD contains:

  • Hips, Buns, and Thighs video: A bonus DVD that targets the hips, the bum and thighs. This runs for 25 minutes.
  • Last minute Buns: This is a 5 minute tasking workout that targets the bum.
  • Hip Hop Groove

Along with these Videos, you get this:

  1. 1. Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide: This booklet contains various information on different foods to eat to aid weight loss, and also a sample food timetable to follow when doing the workouts.
  2. 2. 30-Day Workout Calendar: The Workout Calendar helps to guide you to which workouts to do which day and when to rest.
  3. 3. 6-Day Slim Down food timetable
  4. 4. Measurement card & tape measure

Price of the Hip hop abs DVD is 10000 naira. Preview:

12. Hip Hop Abs Extreme workout DVD:This DVD contains two workouts and both workouts last for 75 minutes. The Extreme cardio workout and the Extreme Abs workout. The Extreme cardio workout contains a great cardio workout that burns loads of calories during the workout. The extreme abs video is great for abs, great dance moves and planks that work on the abs. This DVD costs 4500 Naira.

13. The Firm 500 calorie workout (original) 4000 naira.This is another workout DVD from the Firm. It is a 60 minute workout which consists of aerobics and strength training, and aims to help you burn at least 500 calories per workout. The DVD workout breakdown are as follows: Warm-up: 4 minutes (cardio & stretch) Workout: 54.5 minutes (cardio-toning intervals) Cool-down: 5.5 minutes (stretch) Total Workout Time: 64 minutes

14. Taebo Extreme with Taebo Abs. 2 DVDs for 5000 naira only. This is a two DVD set from the master Billy Blanks himself. The Taebo Extreme is a very intense workout that aims to firm your entire upper body, lower body and mid-section. This highly effective workout takes you to the peak of your body’s fitness level. The Taebo Abs is an intense abdominal workout; it consists of Standing abs, and then floor abs exercises. This is one of the toughest ab workout Videos. Tae Bo Abs delivers the best abdominal workout, to give you that rock-hard stomach most people only dream about.

15. Jillian Michaels 6 week’s 6 packs 4000 naira (original): Out of stock. Want to reduce your belly size? This is the workout DVD for you. This DVD is specifically for the abdomen. It focuses on cardio and strength training workouts that focus on burning the fat overlying the abdomen and strengthening/toning the abdominal muscles to give you the lovely toned look. It’s a six week program, after which you are expected to see wonderful results. To see what this video looks like, click here:

16. Pregnancy Get your body back after baby workout DVD (original): Price: 3500 naira as it comes with a stretchie band. This DVD is made for women who are trying to get their bodies back after pregnancy. It is an 80 minute workout DVD. It also comes with a stretchie band, which you can use while doing the workout. The workout DVD consists of five different parts thus:

a. Back to basics: this consists of a 6 minute gentle and easy workout to get you back in touch with your abs, especially if you didn’t work out during pregnancy. It would help you ease into the workouts.

b. Flatten your abs: This is a 6 minute portion that focuses specifically on the abdomen, targeting your entire belly.

c. Toning in 10: This is a 10 minute session focusing on your muscle groups, the hips, the thighs, the abs and the upper body.

d. Circuit: This is a 16 minute session that combines cardio and strength training together.

e. Get it back: This stage is a 35 minute workout. It is really easy to follow even if you were not exercising before; it’s also fun to do. To see a sample of this Video, click here;


17. Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds (original): 3 and 4 miles DVD (original) 4500 naira This DVD comes with a stretchie band. It runs for a total of 105 minutes. It includes the 3 mile workout as well as the 4 mile workout. If you are someone who loves walking but won’t want to go outdoors, then this is the DVD for you. You can walk 7 miles in your living room. It challenges every major muscle group in your body. As usual Leslie makes the workout fun and interesting. The DVD is a revitalizing routine and the stretchie band takes the workout to a new level, increasing the amount you burn while you work out. To view a sample of this video, click here:

18. The firm cardio dance Express DVD (original) 4000 naira: The firm cardio dance express DVD is a heart pumping lovely workout. It combines various workouts types, cardio, dance and dance toning, making it loads of fun to do. The workout dvd contains a full 45 minute workout, and a 25 minute express workout for those in a hurry who want a great quick calorie burn. To see a sample of this workout DVD click here:

19. Billy Blanks (Taebo) Bootcamp 2 in 1 pack (original): Get 2 full DVDs for 5000 naira: This includes the Billy’s basic Bootcamp DVD and the Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp DVD. Billy Blanks is a known tough no-nonsense fitness trainer, and developed the famous Taebo workouts. The workouts combine cardio, strength training and INTENSE ab workouts for the tummy muscles. Total time: 110 minutes. To have an idea what this DVD looks like, click here now:

20. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (original): Price: 4000 naira. One of the most popular DVDs worldwide. Jillian’s DVDs are known to give awesome results. She is said to be the toughest trainer in the whole of America. A certified trainer, she has been on several seasons of the biggest loser. The DVD consists of 3 sessions, Level one, Level 2 and 3. It is advisable to do each level for ten days. Ensure you take a picture of yourself before you start, because you would definitely need to compare it to your new self once you are done. It combines cardio, strength training and abs. IT is known to give great results for the arms as well as the abdomen. Level one is 27 minutes of workout, Level 2 is 28 minutes, and level 3 is also 28 minutes. This is an original DVD, encoded Region 1 (American). For sample of this workout DVD, click here:

21. The firm Bootcamp Maximum calorie burn workout DVD (original): 4000 naira. Another lovely DVD from the firm. This DVD includes a high energy workout that would help you burn fat and build muscle enough to give you the lovely lean look. It is a 55 minute workout DVD. The moves and easy to follow, and the trainer is fun to workout with. To see what this video looks like, click here:

22. Elle Glam Cardio fitness workout (original): 1 copy left. More coming in April/May. The Elle Cardio fitness workout DVD is a dance workout which has lovely dance moves that are fun and quite easy to follow. It targets a general weight loss for the whole body. It also contains modifications for beginners to follow and get used to the DVD. It’s a 45 minute workout. It’s advisable to use the workout DVD with the Elle toning workout. Bonus: the DVD comes with a 7 day meal plan to help jump start your weight loss. This is an original copy and costs 3500 naira only. Click here to watch the sample of the DVD:

23. Elle Glam Total Toning workout (original): 9 copies left. More coming in April/May The Elle toning workout is a 45 minute workout that consist of workouts targeting different areas of the body. It works to tone the up the body and keep it firm. Targets the legs, the abdomen and the upper body. This is an original copy and costs 3500 naira only. Click here to watch the sample of the DVD:

24. Weight loss Sculpt with Violet Zaki (original): 1 copy left. More to come in April/May: If you are a Jillian Michaels workout DVD lover, then this is the DVD for you. It’s a perfect workout for mothers aiming to lose baby weight, or who want to work on their arms and on their belly. You would need two dumbbells for this DVD; alternatively, you can get your small Eva bottle filled with sand. The DVD is made up of 2 twenty minute workouts and an 8 minute workout which could be done every morning. The DVD also comes with a 16 page booklet containing nutrition tips. This is an original copy and costs 4000 naira only. Click here to watch a sample of this DVD:

25. Devora’s fat burning groove country style workout DVD: The workout DVD is by Devora, a certified fitness instructor. It’s filled with dance moves which you can follow. Devora, who is a personal trainer to the likes of Aguilera, and Janet Jackson, is fun filled and lively. This is an original copy and costs 3500 naira only. Click here to watch a sample of the workout DVD:

26. Quick Fix Cardio Hip Hop DVD (original): Out of stock. More to come in April/May The Quick fix cardio workout DVD is a dance workout DVD. It runs for 50 minutes and contains lovely dance moves that are easy to follow and works on the total body. This is an original copy and costs 3500 naira only. Click here to view a sample:

27. D’s Hip hop aerobics Volume 1 (original): 2 left in Stock: Devora is a celebrity fitness dance trainer who has worked with Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston. The DVD is a 45 minute dance routine that’s easy to learn. This is an original copy and costs 3500 naira only. Click here to view a sample of the workout DVD:

DELIVERY OPTION: Within Lagos costs an extra 600 naira. Delivery outside Lagos costs extra 1500 for sending via bus transport in which case you have to pick at the bus terminal. For FedEx/Redstar delivery is 4000. FedEx would deliver to your doorstep the next day. Please send an email to [email protected] OR  [email protected] to make your order. Please note that there is no refund or exchange after the DVDS have been opened. All the DVDs are new, sealed and American. The Jillian Michael’s DVDs are region 1 coded, so please ensure you have a good DVD player that can play international DVDs. To place your order please click here to order online or fill the form below and the Sales Person would contact you. Alternatively, pls send an email to [email protected] OR [email protected]

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      What I am shipping in is Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack only for tummy, Tae bo boot camp and tae bo basics, the firm work out DVDs, and get body back after pregnancy DVD

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