Pregnancy Workout Plan

Pregnancy workout Plan

Its amazing, the way we sometimes let ourselves go during pregnancy, while i know its definitely not easy, Its good to know that you can actually still remain fit during pregnancy. Working out during pregnancy actually helps you have more energy once you give birth, to continue.

Moreover, working out during pregnancy helps you reduce stress, stay fit, reduce those back pains and stomach pain and helps prevent diabetes in pregnancy, gives you a good muscle tome.

First Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan

Here are some exercises you could do in the first trimester: (Please ensure you do them low impact please)

Weight lifting: This is a good one. You can sit down and lift weights while watching tv. Get your 5 kg dumbells, Do 400 to 500 Bicep curls every day!!!!

Walking: Definitely very good in the first trimester.

Swimming: If you can

Try to do the workouts at least 3 times a week. You can still continue with your water intake during pregnancy.

Second Trimester Fitness Pregnancy workout plan

Please do not perform any jumpy or jerky movements. Don’t do any workout that would put pressure on the abdominal area or requires you to lie flat on your back. Please no situps. Your tummy can never be flat during pregnancy

continue your walking, weight lifting and Cycling,

Third Trimester Fitness Pregnancy Workout plan

In the 3rd trimester, you would need to reduce the amount weights you are lifting. If you were lifting 5 before, start using 2.5kg weights. Workout 2 to 3 times a week and try shift to short 20 minute workouts. Please no Abdominal exercises.

Lastly, remember to watch your diet. If you eat all the junk and workout, don’t bother, you would add EXCESS unnecessary weight

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  1. karen

    Hello doctor, i add as much as 20-25kg each time i get pregnant, and loosing dat weight after pregnancy becomes difficult. Please can u send me a daily course meal for pregnant woman dat keeps u and the baby healthy but still trim.

  2. Presh

    Pls Doctor, I’m in my third trimester and I’m not used to exercising. Anyway, recently I made time to climb the stairs of my five storey buiding 3 times and I did 10mins on treadmill, then danced for about 15mins. This was all in a day. Then I went for ante natal and was told that my blood volume reduced and I lost weight. So I stopped exercising. what type of exercise can I do to stay fit and not lose weight at least until d baby is born? Thanks a million.


      Be assured that it wasn’t that one day o exercise that made u lose weight or have low blood level. 30 minutes walk on the treadmill three to four times a day would be fine. How many kg have u gained so far?

  3. Presh

    Thanks for the reply Doctor, I have a lot of questions, and I hope its not too much. firstly, if its not the exercise that made my blood go down, then what can it be? Secondly, I eat like three wraps/plates of moi-moi almost everyday, is it bad? I drink dano slim milk, but I was told it will make my baby tiny, is this true? I have more questions. That I’ll like to ask but this is it for now. Thanks Doc.


      It would be nice if you join the forum and ask the questions there, so it could help other people who have similar questions. I was trying to explain that one day of exercise can not make your blood level go down. Pregnant women are susceptible to low blood levels which is why they are given iron supplements from the 3rd month of Pregnancy. Are you taking your iron supplements? What kind of foods are you eating? Are you taking vegetables (especially ugwu)? also, moi moi is not bad, just dont eat too much food that is not neccesary. Dano slim will not make your baby tiny. Please do not take any medication or slimming drugs during pregnancy oh!!!! waiting for the questions. Please feel free to ask

  4. Vivian

    Good day Dr, please I need a food time table for a pregnant person. I have been working on my weight. When I started, I was weighing 104kg, but after I went down to 90kg, I took in. Now am afraid because I might gain all that weight back. Right now am weighing 92.6. Please I need a diet plan that can help me not to add unnecessary weight, though my husband is against that. Please I will really appreciate if It can be sent to my email. Thank you.

  5. deji

    Please can u send me a diet plan? I am 10weeka pregnant. I weight 85 already. I am scared of the pregnancy rapid weight gain. Please can u help woth a pregnancy diet plan as i approach the second trimester.

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